Computer network is a network of computer connected to each other. Usually computer network projects focus on routing and routing algorithm development because it is an important parameter. We offer more projects on computer network to make it attain better quality.

Routing Parameter:

Routing is used by a device to select best path out of multiple path to reach its destination. This process is called as routing. It done with a component known as router. Software and hardware routers are created to separately for different function. Among this software router has limited resources.  Router follows certain parameters to achieve path selection, they are

  • Node count.
  • Time delay.

The length between path and destination is distance required channel spectrum is bandwidth which is used to transfer data. The number of nodes between source and destination is called as node count. Time delay should be minimized to achieve data transmission.

Types of routing:

  • Broadcast routing.
  • Any cast routing.
  • Multicast routing.
  • Unicast routing.
  • Broadcast routing:

It is otherwise called as source node; it functions as the source from which the data packets are distribute to other nodes. Broadcast domains are formed for broadcast routing. There are two ways in which this routing is possible. At first router creates and distribute data packets to nodes. As there are multiple nodes the router makes many copies out of original. Low bandwidth is needed in second method as it needs multiple routers to send data to motive nodes.

Expert support for computer network projects

Expert support for computer network projects

Any cast Routing: In this various destination have a common logic address to be address. Domain Name Server (DNS) is used to do this routing.

Multicast Routing: It is quiet similar to broadcast routing. The data can be sent to node with multicast grouping address. It also has reverse path routing mechanism.

Unicast Routing: Only one source and one destination is involved in this type of routing. It has much traffic. But it is the simple form of routing. The destination is clearly mentioned in this method.

Routing Algorithms:

  • Shortest Path Algorithm.
  • Flooding Algorithm.

Shortest Path algorithm:

Path selection is done by routing using meters and parameters. This algorithm is used to detect the best and short path from source to destination. Some of the basic shortest path algorithms are,

  • Dijikstras Algorithm.
  • Floyal war shall Algorithm.
  • Bellman Ford Algorithm.

Flooding Algorithm:

It is similar to broadcasting as it sends the received packets to every node except the source node. This method creates over traffic which can be lessened using Time to Live (TTL).

Future Enhancement:

Multicast Routing is the in vogue topic for researching. It reduces the use of bandwidth. We offer projects on developing protocols for Adhoc Network Wireless sensor and mobile networks using multicast routing.