Embedded system contains a mixture of hardware and software embedded within a computer. It is useful for all engineering final year students. Electronics and electrical engineering students are specialized in creating embedded based projects. The hardware in the system defines the variety in applications. AVR microcontroller, PIC microcontroller and 8051 microcontroller based application projects are part of embedded system projects.

Characteristics of embedded system:

  • Embedded system is reliable and dependable.
  • Availability is increased.
  • Security is high for confidential and authentic communication.
  • Maintainability of system is very easy.
  • Safety in embedded is high that could not make any harm.

Projects ideas in embedded system:

Various projects and as a result various applications can be formed based on embedded system. Embedded controller is controlled using screen sensor through touch. Robotics and android based projects are also possible through embedded system.


Application software:

Multiple tasks are simultaneously performed through application software. Application specific program is executed based on the norms of RTOS. Real time operating system cannot take up small scale embedded system. Real time system is an extended version of application software.



Purpose of embedded system:

Data collection system:

Data can be collected for the embedded system from the external world analysis manipulation and storage are the other process involved in data collection other embedded system which has analog data capturing techniques can directly collect data from analog system through analog signal. Digital format data’s can directly captured by digital embedded system.

Data communication in embedded:

Applications from various sources such as simple home network to large satellite network are used in the development of embedded system based projects. Both wired and wireless medium is used for communication. The communicated data can be either in the format of digital or as analog.

Digital signal processing is embedded:

Signal processing applications such as speech coding, video coding and transmission applications are produced by embedded system. It also can create a digital hearing system. It can help in improving the hearing of impaired system.

Monitoring in embedded system:

Medical projects such as electro cardiogram machine can be created by monitoring embedded system. This helps in digitally monitoring embedded system.

Control purpose:

Sensors and actuators are the part of embedded system that performs control function. Environmental changes are detected by sensors where as actuators perform the control of embedded based output on input variables.

Application specific user interface in embedded system:

Switches, lights-keypad, display and buttons are the application specific used interface. Mobile phone also falls under this category. These interfaces are provided usually with vibration alert and system speaker.

Future scope:

Scalability and reducing complexity are the future of any technology. We offer embedded system projects that can increase more effective communication and all the above mentioned quaries.