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In this technological world, networking plays a main aspect in the digital transformation of information. It makes the transformation faster and easier with the help of digitally connected and designed devices. Recent Days Wireless Networking acts as the most prominent technology for future networking. Technologies like Cellular Networks, Wireless Local Area Networks (WLAN), Wireless Sensor Networks, Satellite Communication Networks, wireless communication and Terrestrial Microwave Networks are some of the classifications that come under wireless networking.

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Network Composition

A perfect framework gives the perfect output. Networking is not a process of connecting with a single device. It’s a process of connection with many physical devices. Here we list out the five main types of physical devices.

Host:  Acts as an interface between users and management networks.

Gateway Devices: It helps to connect the Network & also performs protocol translation & data mapping

Routing Device:  It forwards the packets from one network device to another

Field Device: Controls the process by acting as sensors or actuators.

Handheld Devices: Acts as a portable device for monitoring network performance.

The recent advancement in wireless networking shows how network devices interact with information and processes such as Cyber-Physical Systems, the Internet of Things (IoT), and the Tactile Internet.

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How are Network Parameters set up? 

Parameters Supplied during Network Configuration are:

  • IP Address
  • Host Name
  • NIS, NIS+, or DNS
  • Default Router Address
  • Subnet Mask


The Wireless networking parameters determine the probability distribution of the critical interactive system variables. Some of the Design Parameters for the different layers are listed as follows:

  • Physical Layer:        Transmission Power, Receiver – Decoding Capability
  • MAC Layer:              Channel Access and Energy Saving Mechanism
  • Routing Layer:         Packet Forwarding
Most Popular Wireless Technologies

Communication can be established in various ways; each way has unique features for its establishment. Here we list out some of the most emerging and trending communications in networks.

  • DSRC
  • Wi-Fi/Li-Fi
  • mmWave
  • 5G/6G
  • LTE-A, LTE-Pro, LTE-M, LTE-U

Latest Communication Technology in Networking

Various technologies may come and go, but the main purpose and goal of networking are common in exchange for information. Here we list out some of the latest technologies implemented and their standards for communication. If you networking assignment falls on below mentioned technologies, then you can contact our experts for best networking homework help service

  • WiGig (IEEE 802.11ad)
  • WiFi (IEEE 802.11 ax)
  • LiFi (IEEE 802.11bb)
  • WiMax (IEEE 802.16a)
  • OWC (IEEE 802.15.7)
  • UWB (IEEE 802.15.4a)
  • WLAN (IEEE 802.11)
  • Cellular Broadband Standard
  • WPAN (IEEE 802.15)
  • 6LoWPAN and 6TiSCH

Quality of Service (QoS) in Networking

As many features the Network has within itself, it also faces some issues. Some of the common issues are Network Cost, Network Security, Attacks & Phishing, and Lack of Robustness. Sometimes these causes may affect the Network’s Quality of Service. Here we list out some of the major specification categories to make the networking more effective and efficient:

Throughput Specification

  • Connection ID
  • Packet Size
  • Throughput
  • Burstiness

Traffic Specification

  • Packet Loss Rate
  • Intermediate Delay
  • Packet End to End Delay

Performance Specification

  • Error Control
  • Communication Type
  • Fragmentation
  • Priority

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Research Topics in Networking

Researches always led us to a new approach and perspective on the selected domain. Here we list out some of the most interesting research topics in networking.

  • Scalable Cloud Radio Access Networks
  • Middleware for Adaptive Network Connectivity
  • Patient Monitoring System in Wireless Sensor Networks
  • Private IP Addressing and Subnetting

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