Wireless body area networks or WBAN is an innovative field of research since it provides incredible capacity in conveying medical services to patients through wireless body sensors and reliable communication. WBAN thesis is the thesis writing guidance arm of our online research guidance facility. Through this service of ours, we have delivered much successful research and final project thesis in WBAN.   This type of network consists of several different sensors of biological importance. 

Functionalities of WBAN Sensors 

  • These are either implanted within the skin or is made easily wearable
  • The sensors are set in various body parts and sense health-related information. 
  • The main function of the senses is to monitor the changes in a patient’s body
  • The changes that we are looking depend on the objectives and it varies from person to person
  • These devices are also utilized in monitoring human feelings like joy, stress dread, and so on.
  • These sensors then send the data to a dedicated node called coordinator node which is, for the most part, less energy obliged and has additional capacities for handling and processing

Ultimately the sensors play the key role of delivering natural messages of the patient’s body to the monitoring doctors. This is an overall view of wireless body area network research. Let us first start with the three levels of architecture involved in WBAN communication.


The following are the three levels or tiers based on which the wireless body area networks’ architecture is built.

  • Intra-WBAN [TIER-1]: The first step in anybody area network is the transmission of data from any nodes to the node coordinator. Therefore tier-one represents the level at which communication is established among body sensor networks and the body node coordinator
  • Inter-WBAN [TIER-2]. It represents the communication of the node coordinator with the medical site
  • Beyond WBAN [TIER-3]. It is the level that is responsible for giving real-time alerts, performing diagnoses, and tracking the patients’ health history.

Our research experts have been actively engaging with the technological leadership firms in the field of wireless body area networks so as to understand the technical glitches that arise at the time implementation of wban thesis. Once you reach out to us we will share with you all the details that be gathered m Now we will give you some ideas on WBAN requirements

High Quality WBAN Thesis Research Guidance


Wireless body area networks have different requirements for their efficient functioning. The following is the list of essentials that are a must for WBAN.

  • Precision – Readings from sensors or any other devices must be represented precisely
  • Immune to noise – the WBAN should not be influenced by outer noise
    • The subjects controlled should not be obtrusive
  • Authenticity – the range of functioning and the transmission of data have to be sustainable 
    • The system should be highly responsive to the changes
    • The effects of nonlinear nature have to be compensated

Researchers have recognized some restrictions in the present-day architecture of WBAN. We have prevailed over many such issues and we have the experience of guiding research projects for research scholars and students from top universities of the world. The challenges related to seller conditions, reconfiguration of the network, asset usage, board intricacies, and security are common in WBAN. The following are such important limitations on WBAN

  • Instability and Dynamic Nature in networking 
    • Fixed and mobile nodes are a part of WBAN. Nodes can be both active and inactive too
    • There are occurrences of failure due to link and power leading to instability
    • As a result challenges of medium access and routing comes into play. 
  • Constraints on resources
    • Resources that include the power of the battery, size of the buffer, power of transmission, limits of handling, and accessible bandwidth are significant imperatives at different sensor nodes. 
    • Conventional quality of service requirements for MAC protocols and routing are not suited for WBAN
  • Understanding the sensitiveness (of data) in cases of excess data
    • In case of large amounts of data transmission, there are chances for repetition of information. 
    • In such cases aggregating the data can be used to avoid network design complications that would arise due to huge data transmission
    • Therefore understanding the importance of data and classifying them based on their sensitiveness like emergency data becomes important
  • Heterogeneous traffic and non-predictable nature of data
    • The quality of service requirements for wireless body area networks is different from that of wireless sensor networks
    • This is because WBAN faces heterogeneous traffic in the form of either burst of data or no traffic at all
    • This characteristic of the system makes it more complex
  • Balance of energy
    • The distribution of energy load has to be uniform among the sensor nodes
    • So managing the sources of energy becomes important

Our technical team has got huge experience in solving all the above research issues associated with 5G network simulations. So you can readily approach getting your queries solved. Now let us talk about some of the emerging technologies of wireless body area networks.


The following technologies are the important and emerging options to enhance the wireless body area network systems.

Our research experts are very well aware of the recent trends and are keeping themselves updated on the emerging technologies since only this can support the huge number of researchers who approach us. Now let us look into detail about the applications of WBAN. The medical field that many innovations always and one such recent innovation that uplifted the field is wireless body area network systems. The following are the major applications of WBAN.


  • Recognizing cardiovascular diseases
  • Asthma detection
  • Classifying Parkinson’s disease
  • Detecting diabetes

The CoVID-19 pandemic situation has now triggered the governments across the country to improve upon their health Care systems for which wireless body area networks can be of great importance. The WBAN has many real-time applications that have the capacity to bring modifications in the way CoVID patients are detected and treated. To understand this aspect we need to have some more detail on the working of WBAN.


Do you know what personal data is gathered for CoVID patients? 

  • Date of birth information
  • Mob (mobile number of the user)
  • Gender (user’s gender)
  • Email (email address of the user)
  • Age (user age)
  • Address (address of the patient’s home)

The above list of personal information varies based on objectives and area of applications. In order to train the system based on machine learning algorithms, the above data is collected. Our technical experts will give you all that you need to understand the working of WBAN. Now let us talk about the devices and sensors used in wireless body area networks.


The following is a detailed description of the wireless body area network sensors that can be very useful for your research-related reference. 

  • Long-range or LoRa
    • Operating band: 868Megahertz and 915Megahertz (license free band)
    • It is an LPWAN or low power wide area network technology
    • It is used in empowering the devices at the hands of end-users including mobile devices, Smart Gadgets, etc. 
    • The following are the features of LoRa,
      • This technology is designed to consume less power
      • Data can be transmitted very safely in the internet of things applications
      • It covers a very long range

We recently designed the projects on the LoRA architecture in which a relay node in the form of the gateway is used for establishing communication between the server and IoT BAN

  • MySignals hardware
    • It is used for measuring biometric components like respiration temperature and pulse
    • The chips for sensor ports are also designed in a way to collect biometric data
  • Arduino
    • Internet of things projects can be easily designed using Arduino open-source platform
    • It is simply a circuit board and software which can be used to bring your projects into reality
  • AMS5915 pressure sensor
    • The sensor is used in collecting information on respiratory
    • 3.3 to 3.5 voltage is taken for processing 
    • With the minimum range of pressure being at zero to five millibar, its maximum operating range of pressure is one bar
  • SpO2 sensor
    • This sensor is used to obtain data from peripheral parts like fingers
    • For example, the pulse oximeter is used for measuring the saturation level of oxygen in our blood
      • Light is the major source through which pulse oximeter worksInfrared light and red light are absorbed differently by the deoxygenated and oxygenated hemoglobin
    • Therefore the sensor consists of a source of light, photodetector, and pulsating arterial bed
  • DS18B20 
    • One wire interface or one digital pin is used to measure the patient body temperature using the sensor
    • From 55 to 125 degree Celsius temperature measurement, the sensor can be used
    • The operating voltage is 3 to 5.5 volt
    • Proper accuracy can be obtained in the range between -10 and + 85 degrees Celsius

You can get any kind of research assistance from our technical experts regarding the above-listed sensors and devices used in wireless body area networks. It is high time that we know some of the aspects of WBAN research that have the potential to handle this covid-19 pandemic. Now let us have some ideas on the working of wireless body area network so as to have a better understanding of it

COVID-19 Detection Steps in WBAN 

The wireless body area networks can be enhanced by using machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms which can directly be used to detect CoVID -19. How can this be made into reality? Let us look at it in detail below,

  • First, the data from users including the personal details and bodily changes like symptoms are collected
  • These data are then stored in the cloud/fog nodes 
  • The data stored in the server is used to analyze by comparing it with the testing models. This is done in order to train your system for detecting CoVID. Thus a perfect system is built by machine learning methods
  • The machine is then used to identify the patients infected by covid-19 in real-time
  • The pressure sensor, temperature sensor, and pulse sensor attached to a patient’s body receive the data from the patient and give it to the microcontrollers like Arduino.
  • The WBAN hardware functioning is present in the next step. LoRa gateway and internet protocols are used to examine the signal and identify the potential threat
  • As a result, the obtained data is fed to the health care system and a CoVID 19 positive patient is detected successfully.
  • The story doesn’t end with detecting the positive cases of CoVID it also extends to monitoring the patients.
  • Thus internet of things technology is used for monitoring the patients affected by CoVID -19 and the data of the patients’ health is sent every now and then to the medical server

In this way, the body area network system can be used to make the system of identification and treatment of CoVID -19 very much more efficient. Our research experts designed the most successful CoVID -19 detection and treatment system and we have also implemented our ideas successfully in real-time. This gathered as appreciation from many parts of the world. Let us look into more research areas in the wireless body area network


The following are the most famous and trending research areas in wireless body area networks

  • Increasing the privacy and security aspects in the healthcare system
  • Routing protocols in WBAN addressing
  • Ambient assisted living and Harvesting energy
  • Security and Fault Tolerance
  • Efficient algorithms for allocating resources
  • Intra and inter wireless body area network protocols
  • MAC, PHY layer, and other WBAN routing protocols
  • WBAN architecture design 
  • Reliable communication with the human body

We are here to give you entire research support on all the above-mentioned topics and we are also happy to extend our help to do your research on any topic of your interest. Further, we help you bring your novel ideas into reality. Now let us look into some of the latest research and thesis topics in wireless body area networks

Interesting WBAN Thesis Topics

The following are the best topics for WBAN thesis writing, 

  • Assuring reliability and interoperability
  • Incorporating the energy harvesting system
  • Designing efficient routing protocol
  • Radio duty cycling
  • Reducing the redundancy
  • Gathering data (energy-aware)
  • Location privacy and sharing provisions

We have rendered research support on all the above topics and we are ready to offer you project support and assistance on any topic of your interest. Get in touch with us through the WBAN thesis page so as to get a better idea of the quality of service that we render to our customers. Now let us look into the aspects that are essential for a good thesis in producing the results.


    Explaining the results of your research in a thesis is a very important part. In order to write a good thesis, you should remember some important points. You can get the help of our developers who have about two decades of experience in guiding research projects in all aspects including thesis writing and publishing its result. 

You should remember that the details like the appendix need not be submitted unless and until it is requested. So you should actually distinguish the most important part of your research article firsthand. The following are the important points that any researcher should remember to produce better thesis results.

  • Be precise in writing so that it becomes easy for the reader to comprehend your results in the same way as you intended
  • The findings of your research must be summarized and illustrated as proper graphs, tables, and figures
  • You should be clear in creating the proper context for the readers to adapt themselves. For this purpose, you can take a particular observation from your research brief on it and create ground for readers to understand your entire project
  • The results of the control experiments have to be described properly and the necessary details on the observations that you made must be included
  • Finally, you should present your data in an analyzed form that is easy for any reader to understand. So you should give importance to the presentation of your results in a form that is easily understandable (graphs, tables, charts, etc)

You can interact with our technical experts who have gained expertise by guiding research projects and our certified writers who gained experience by working with researchers to write the best wban thesis. By doing this you can get a better idea of what you focus on and what not to focus on in your thesis. Now, look into the aspects that you should focus on in a master thesis.


Writing a master thesis becomes a challenging task once you have no proper plan to execute it. So do remember the following points for understanding what to focus on in a master thesis.

  • At the very first step focus on research and its boundary issues 
  • Then give an evaluation of literature in which it should not go beyond a particular limit in criticizing the research paper and then focus on filling such a gap left out in the research
  • Give some points in justifying research. This can be in such a way that it explains why research gains significance 
  • Now justify the approach that followed to carry out your research. We can make a comparative analysis in which you can prove that the approach you followed is really justifiable
  • And finally, point out the contribution that made to the field through research in a crisp manner. Only this adds an essence of completion to your thesis

You can get the assistance of our research experts at any point of time in your research career. We are ready to extend you full support for your research project and WBAN thesis writing. Connect with other writers and developers so as to get a better idea of the ways of carrying out your research and writing methods for a successful thesis.