Cloud computing is a distributed platform to provide a huge number of dissimilar services for computing, sharing, and storing information through the Internet. On using the cloud, one can avail of a variety of services ranging from applications to network resources in a secure way.  This page is about to talk over the upcoming Cloud Computing Thesis Ideas with their importance.

For instance: you are employing the cloud service when sending and receiving the files over the internet. That is to say, if you are storing the info in external drives, then you have to carry it over with you wherever you go. Also, it is comprised with more number of good features that eventually increase cloud-oriented research.

Features of Cloud Computing 

  • Load prediction: The adaptive load can be precisely estimated when the auto-scaler is proactive 
  • Scaling Timing: The auto-scaler determines the scaling action for giving and taking the resources either proactively or reactively 
  • Oscillation Mitigation: If the auto-scaler does the reverse scaling then the scaling oscillation will occur. And, it leads to greater resource consumption and SLA
  • Adaptiveness to Changes: The auto-scaler should be more flexible to accept the fast changes in model

Moreover, cloud computing is also referred to as the enhanced cooperation framework for low cost and high productivity. In addition, it also improved data readiness, security, and prolonged access to advance technologies. Hence, it offers a wide research platform to support scholars who are interested to create revolutionary technological developments. Here, we have given a few important Cloud Computing Thesis Ideas that help to improve the efficiency of cloud environs.

List of Research Cloud Computing Thesis Ideas

  • Cloud Security Access control
  • Improved Task Scheduling and Distribution 
  • Identity management in Cloud 
  • Cloud-based Resource Allocation Virtualization  
  • Cloud Software Platform Development
  • Virtualization Infrastructure Management in Cloud

By the by, cloud system enables the on-demand, appropriate and pervasive network access for distributed computing resources utilization. These resources are offered by providers who have the right to provision or de-provision the resources in minimal effort. The resources may include application, server, service, network security, and storage. Then the cloud system performance is appraised by considering metrics, dataset, and infrastructure. 

What are the issues with Cloud Service Management?

  • VM Management
    • Verifies the VM accessibility and decide on offering the replication or migration service by means of cost functions (energy efficiency and reliability)
    • Depending on the outcome of fault and energy management the cost function is determined
    • Provides live VMs migration from active to passive PM 
    • Assure the continuous cloud services
  • Fault Management
    • Continual observation of systems to figure out the future possible failures
    • Propose the new techniques to ease the impact of failures
  • SLA Management
    • Defines the SLA contract policies for system reliability, energy efficiency, and monitoring
    • SLA Employment along with QoS metrics 
  • Energy Management
    • Controls the high energy utilization through advanced approaches
    • Based on current energy usage, it decreases the operating frequency or turns off
Latest Cloud Computing Thesis Ideas for PhD and MS Scholars

How to obtain Reliable Cloud Computing Services? 

Reliability exhibits how long the system can perform without getting affected in the cased of failure. Also, it clears up the failure time length in system execution without the fixing process. Here, we have given the sample checking methods for assuring reliability

  • Recoverability Test
  • Data Integrity Test
  • Resilience Test

What can be done to improve cloud computing reliability?

At the user level of the cloud, the reliability can be enhanced in terms of security, connections, and performance. At the service level of the cloud, the reliability can be improved through migrating and spreading assets in multi-cloud. And, driving new policies also increase security. 

Further, if you want to know more Cloud Computing Thesis Ideas for enhancing cloud reliability then contact our team. Our research experts guide in all aspects of the research. Then our developers help you to build your research cloud computing project topics practically. And, we have also given a few most commonly used programming languages, datasets, and performance metrics that support to model and simulate the cloud computing environment. 

5 Cloud programming languages

Programming languages for cloud computing

  • Python
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • PHP

Datasets in Cloud Computing 

A dataset used for assessing the techniques of workload prediction can be real or synthetic. And, there are numerous datasets available for the real and synthetic workload. 

  • Real workloads – NASA dataset, Google Cluster trace (real-time cloud platforms)
  • Synthetic workloads – Automated Workload Generators

For instance: we can say Google workload which holds 40+ million events/minute (in 12,000 hosts/month). In specific, it comprises all tasks scheduling and resource information such as resource usage rate, request, scheduling class, priority, event type, more.

Here, the host load defines the overall load of executing tasks at a given period of time. Hence, the workload prediction techniques frequently analyze the time-series in both non-seasonal and seasonal aspects.

Performance Metrics in Cloud Computing 

  • Availability – Defines the probability of readiness of the system in the time of the request
  • Cost-Effectiveness – Economic price of the system 
  • Throughput – Number of completed tasks at a specific time 
  • Reliability – Obtaining satisfactory or precise outcome in a definite time interval
  • Adaptive – Executing the processes based on the certain conditions
  • Response Time – Amount of time required to respond for particular request
  • Usability – Employing efficient methods to attain the objectives 
  • Performance – Analyze the system efficiency and capabilities
  • Overhead Associated – Determine the overall overhead while applying the fault-tolerance (FT) approach

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