5G Technology Projects acts a hub with storehouse of information regarding this trending 5G Network. Every new generation network delivers faster speed and more functionality, and now we have come to the next generation where 5G networks are becoming popular. This 5G is a revolutionary kind of Internet with numerous benefits from home to workplace. To help clear everything regarding 5G, we avail our helping hand for those in need latest 5G Technology Projects. To begin with, let’s start with what 5G Networks is all about.

What is 5G and How it works? What exactly is 5G?

This network goes beyond LTE / 4G mobile networks that we already have. Thus this network is the next step in mobile internet technology. Using millimeter-wave frequency will allow more bandwidth that allocates faster quality services. It offers higher data capacity than the existing ones. Henceforth more data can be easily transmitted. If we look at the streaming difference between radio and LTESIM, the former broadcasts 87.5 to 108.0, whereas LTE streams between 700 MHz to 2100MHz. Hence, Millimeter waves are utilized over LTE as it offers more bandwidth.

Self-organizing networks (SON) with 5G Technology Projects

With great demand in this technological era, SON is responsible for more efficient and cost-effective networks in order to manage it. For instance, take a look at Coordinate multipoint technologies; their aim is to improve the coverage and increase overall system throughput. These are created to satisfy the data hunger of the users. And coming to 5G, their characteristics are as follows,

Characteristics of 5G 

  • Initiates several numbers networks
  • Designed in a way to combine wireless, wireline, and satellite services
  • Utilizes network slicing to establish 5G virtual networks
  • Broadband speed of 10Gbps
  • Service delivery at a lesser cost 

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Innovative 5G Technology Projects

What are the proposed features in the 5G network?

Though mmwaves can be easily blocked, which makes 5G less important, it has numerous other benefits that we can’t resist. They are as follows

  • Higher bandwidth
  • Improved mobile broadband
  • Lower latency
  • Capacity to have a higher data rate
  • Easy streaming of virtual reality (VR)

Let’s get into the subject,

5G is also employed for the Internet of Things (IoT). It helps in handling a thousand times more traffic than today’s network. And thus, it is the foundation of the Internet of things. For instance, 5G deploys narrowband IoT, a new mobile network especially designed for Internet things. Those narrowband IoT are eMTC, NB- IoT. Further, let’s get into Cutting edge technologies that make life better. 

What are the 5G Modulation Technologies? 

  • Multiple Access
    • Multiuser Shared Access (MUSA)
    • Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access (NOMA)
    • Pattern Division Multiple Access (PDMA)
    • Resource Spread Multiple Access (RSMA)
    • Sparse Code Multiple Access (SCMA)
  • Waveforms Design 
    • UFMC
    • Window-OFDM
    • Filtered OFDM

What are the Research Areas in 5G?

  • Cloud RAN
  • Mobile Edge Cloud
  • Edge Computing
  • mmWaves in Mobile Networks
  • SDN/NFV, Network Slicing
  • V2X and Mobile Cloud
  • Hybrid Beamforming

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