Mobile Computing Projects for Final Year Engineering students.

Mobile computing makes the communication between mobile devices and its users possible. Providing information at very instance is the purpose of mobile computing projects for final year. The research is scopes in this are area is to get more quick and flexible interaction. Its negativity is not supporting heavy transactions.Mobile computing is used in almost all fields. In future mobile computing will be used to monitor activities.

Devices used in Mobile Computing Projects for final Year Students:


A larger version of Smartphone, it has an onscreen keyboard as the input. These keyboards are integrated. But recently new hybrid models of tab offer a separate keyboard.

Wearable Computers:

As the name suggests these are easily accessible computers that can be work in the human body. It is a multitasked and very consistent in providing interaction between users and computers.

Personal Digital Assistants (PDA):

A web browser and media player palmtop computer is called as PDA. These are mainly used for personal purposes.

Ultra Mobile Pc:

Initially it was introduced with Linux OS. It is a minimized model of pen computers. This further can be improved by achieving more energy utilization.


Smart Phones:

Justifying its name these phones are smart with special OS and an advance computing ability. Many advanced features like mega pixel cameras, high resolution screen and GPS navigation makes the Smartphone smarter. The generic OS used in smart phones are Google`s Android, Apples IOS, Nokia`s Microsoft and Samsungs Bada.

Software Used in Mobile Computing Projects:

  • Network access directory.
  • Web cross.
  • IR gateway.

Network Access Detector:

The work of administrator is lowered by this. Any hand held device becomes easily accessible with the help of this.

Characteristics of Network Access Detector:

  • Mobile apps are configured automatically.
  • Sharing and printers are flexible.
  • Network environment is reconfigurable.

Web cross:

Host data is converted to HTML format using web cross. Personal computers are connected with mainframe computer using this mobile app.

Characters of Web Cross:

  • Program access key and program function key.
  • It supports PDA through dial up connection.
  • Conversation table of Japanese 2 byte code to 1 byte code is maintained.

IR Gateway:

It lets notebooks to access wireless TCP/IP based intranets.

Features of Mobile Computing Projects:

A combination of computer, network, software and hardware makes up mobile computing.

Network Communication:

Many mediums are used to connect an information system with mobile computing batch, connected, disconnected and weakly connected are the types of information system. Continuously connected mobile computers with information system are connected. Though continuosly connected the speed is low means weakly connected. Not continuously connected mean are batch not connected means disconnected.

Software Mobile Computing:

Many type of software applications like operating system software, system software and application software are supported by mobile computing.


Hardware like microprocessor, primary and secondary storage is used in mobile computing. It accepts many types of inputs from different input devices which gives the output to different output devices.

Components of Mobile Computing Projects:

Handheld Mobile Devices:

Mobile phones, PDA and tabs are components of mobile computing. These components are made use by users to send and receive their request to information system.

Connection Technology:

Wireless internet, wireless LAN and data synchronization are the methods behind connection technology.

Centralized Information System:

All information regarding mobile computing is found in this system.

Advantages of mobile computing projects:

  • Saves time and reduces rework.
  • Information accessibility.
  • Improves accuracy.
  • Better operational efficiency.