In general, our technical experts have explained the process of installation about OMNeT++ in window through this article.

Step: 1 OMNeT++ 5.0 Download

         We have to download the OMNeT-5.0 and store in c:/ or d:\ drive location as shown in the below mentioned image.

Download OMNeT++

Step: 2 Open Bash Prompt Window

         Then, we have to open bash prompt windows through clicking the Omnetpp-5.0 location to select the open bash window.

Opening Bash Prompt Window

Step: 3 Install OMNeT++ 5.0 on Window

       Following that, we have to install the OMNeT++ – 5.0 packages through the execution of the below mentioned commands in bash prompt window.

. setenv


Configuration of OMNeT++


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