Final Year Computer Science Projects

Computer science is an engineering department which is an important part of technical and scientific world. Many domains fall under field of computer science final year projects. Both UG and PG computer science students are supposed to do projects on their final year. They can also mini projects in pre final year. PG computer science students take up an entire academic year to finish their final year project. They should also propose an innovative concept. These mini projects serve in a way by providing an over all idea about project. Tools and languages are needed for computer science project.

Final Year Computer Science Projects From Expert Panel Team

Data mining projects:

Data mining is a mechanism that allows storing and retrieving data any time they want. It includes other domains such as ontology and knowledge discovery. Intrusion detection, financial applications, scientific applications biological data analysis, security applications and telecommunication industry are some data mining applications. Relational database is an extra section which can store additional information. For accessing data web server is needed.

Wireless projects:

Wireless communication, mobile computing and networking are some domains that cover wireless projects. QUALNET, OPNET, OMNET++, Peersim, NS2 and NS3 are simulation tools that are needed for wireless projects. Bandwidth, quality of service, execution time and transmission ratio are examined using mobile computing. This communication method is done through mobile nodes which carry the information without any sort of loss.

Image processing projects:

Only few students prefer doing projects on image processing. It follows the actions such as pre processing, feature extraction, pattern recognition, region extraction, segmentation and classification. MATLAB and SCILAB are the simulation tools that are needed for image processing.

Software projects:

Software projects should be tested before executed. There are two types of testing namely white box testing and black box testing. It can automatically detect any unsafe components of a system. Java and dot net are the languages that help in executing software applications.

Security projects:

Many fields namely security cybernetics network security, web security and information forensics need security based projects. Watermarking techniques, cryptographic algorithms and Steganographic algorithms can give security to applications. Finger print recognition, face recognition and skull verification are part of biometric recognition software. To guard files cryptography algorithms can encrypt and decrypt secret files.

Cloud and grid projects:

Cloud computing allows users to download and upload data’s by providing them registration and making him part of cloud atmosphere so secure transmission of data is possible grid computing is also similar to cloud computing in all the above mentioned manner they are different only in resource allocation.

Emerging Domain in Final Year Computer Science Projects:

Big data and Hadoop are some of emerging domains. Both cloud and data mining are combined together in big data. Map reducing is done by Hadoop particle swarm optimization and scheduling algorithms are used.

Future scope:

We offer more projects on advanced concepts such as pervasive computing and multimedia.