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what is wordnet? WordNet projects holds out variations among words in projects that is used in data mining. Repository of English lexical items is provided in WordNet and available in online. Like English language WordNet provides similar structure like multiple WordNet for European languages. WordNet projects are applied in field of IT and computer Science.WordNet projects are developed in our concern by trained technicians. The connections among four types of parts of speech (i.e.) adverb, verb, noun and adjective could be established in WordNet. A specific meaning of word is referred as synset.

Brief Introduction to Wordnet Projects .

  • Wordnet is a large lexical database of English, in which adverb, noun, adjectives are combined into form synset each of which represents different concepts.
  • Wordnet looks like a combination of dictionary and thesaurus.
  • It gives the short definitions, small examples or the relation among the synset.
  • In wordnet, synset are interlinked by means of conceptual- semantic and lexical relationships.
  • By using web browsers easily can access the wordnet
  • Wordnet projects are comes under the category of data mining tasks.
  • In Ontology related concepts the wordnet is used to extract the meaning from data.
Expert Support for Wordnet Projects

Types of Relation in WordNet:

WordNet possess two types of relation. Conceptual and Lexical Relations.

  • Conceptual Relation.
    •  Each concept stored in WordNet is related to each other in conceptual relations.
  • Lexical Relation.
    •  Each word in WordNet is linked to each other for lexical relation. It is categorized as
      • Adjective.
      • Verb.
      • Adverb.
      • Noun.

Wordnet Projects method to classify relational types:

Edge Based Method:

  • Distances
  • Taxonomy Positions.
  • Semantic Relations.

Are calculated among two words in WordNet.

Information Based Statistics Method:

A probability with taxonomy is calculated then information theory is calculated. In taxonomy variations among concepts are extended to specific concept.

Hybrid Methods:

A combination of information based statistic methods and edge based method deals under hybrid method.

WordNet Representation:
  • Using Graph Theory.
  • Represented In Schema.
  • Nodes with Force Graph Structure.
  • Tree Structure Representation.
  • WordNet Explorer.
Benefits of using wordnet Projects:
  • Text Classification.
  • Easy To Navigate.
  • Ensure Interference.
  • Language Expression Generation.
  • Information Retrieval.
  • Tech Language and Application Translation.
  • Parameter Information System.
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