C ⁄C++ Projects for Engineering Students

C ⁄C++ Programming projects are basically developed for engineering and computer science students. C is a programming language. It is used for system development works. Large volume of project list, e.g. school library, jewelry, bank management applies C language. C contains operations and built in functions.C++  projects are carried out on a large basis by our innovators. Various application and operating system platform are used in C language. Dynamic typing, correctness proof will consist in C languages future. C language will improve its productivity as an open source programming language and adjustable for huge applications.

Characteristics of C language :

  • Run on any operating system.
  • An execution program is fast and quick.
  • With recent features code can be extended.
  • When compared to PASCAL and BASIC language consume less energy.
  • Benefits from low and high level language are attained.
  • Collection of data types is contained.

Application uses of C language:

  • Text editor.
  • Operating system.
  • Data bases.
  • Network driver
  • Phone application software development.
  • Language compiler.
C++ Projects Engineering Students
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Tokens used in C++ Projects.

Key words:

In C library it already exists e.g. char, string, float, int, double, etc.


Sequence of digits and letters are contained as it is a user defined keyword.

Rules to construct identifier in programming language:

  • Keywords, special characters are not allowed.
  • It is case sensitive and starts with only alphabets.
  • Underscore and alphanumeric characters are contained.

C language error classification:

Logical Error:

The reason of logical errors is logical inefficiency. To identify the location of errors as divided by zero and floating point error is difficult.

Complication Error:

Due to re-declaration of variables, undefined variables, when closing function is improper and function must have a prototype at these states this error occur.

Linker Error:

When the programs do not link with C library results in linker Error.

Operators available in c ⁄c++ Projects.

We apply operators to carry out logical and mathematical operations.

For concatenation process it is used. Logical operations used in C language are logical AND, Logical OR and Logical NOT.
For reducing the number of operators in C language it is used. To give same operations it combines multiple operators as =, +=, *= etc.
Arithmetic operators as addition, multiplication, division, and subtraction are carried out.
For data calculation at bit level this type of operators are used. From right to left shifting operations are performed.
Used for evolving conditional expressions.
For checking relationship between two operands it is applied.
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