Computer science is an engineering department which deals with study of technologies behind computer. Every final year computer science student either under graduate or post graduate should do a project. Both hardware and software based projects can be done by computer science students. Many programming languages are needed for developing new software. Only with testing tools such as white box testing and black box testing, the created software can be tested. Augmented reality domains helps CS students to do multimedia based real time projects. We offer more up to date multimedia and various other computer science projects.

Final Year Projects For Computer Science Projects From Expert Panel Team:

Final Year Projects For Computer Science related to medical system:

In the field of medicine various computer based equipments are needed for monitoring, testing, and diagnostic purposes. Some medical system projects for computer science students are brain computer interface medical imaging and bio medical engineering. Apart from this ehealth care projects are also done by computer science students. Security related projects are also needed for medical field for implementing secured interaction among doctor and patient. Various searching algorithms are involved in making up these applications.

Final Year Projects For Computer Science based on communication:

Interaction among two computers is possible through communication based projects. To implement communication, client server network and peer to peer network should be established topologies are also required. Such topologies are ring, star, mesh and bus network. Resources of a server system is shared to all client system through client server network communication model allows file sharing, transferring and resource sharing. To do so protocols such as hyper text transfer protocol (HTTP), simple mail transfer protocol (SMTP) and file transfer protocol (FTP) are considered.

Final Year Projects For Computer Science based on operating system:

Latest operating system android is an open source model that can produce brand new applications. Two kits namely eclipse integrated development environment (IDE) and java development kit (JDK) are used for development of android applications security apps are high in demand apart from android projects we also offer projects based on other operating system such as UBUNTU, WINDOWS, LINUX, and UNIX. Emulate is used as testing kit for android projects.

Final Year Projects For Computer Science based on multimedia application:

User application interaction and multimedia applications are possible through augmented reality system based projects. These augmented reality system can create gaming and children applications. Java core language sequence helps in providing interactive and imaginative store telling education related applications for children. Students also can do project on computer designing and graphics.

Final Year Projects For Computer Science based on cloud storage:

Cloud environment benefits through various computing related projects on grid computing, cloud computing and mobile computing. Cloud service, data owner cloud client and cloud provider are part of a cloud environment. Using cloud storage, sharing and transmission among these parts are made possible. For a big storage environment Hadoop and map reduce framework is needed only cloud storage can create big data projects and applications.

Final Year Projects For Computer Science based on network:

Networking projects are a part and parcel of computer science projects. It is a huge arena which includes domains such as wired network, wireless network, neural network, internet computing, sensor networks, Adhoc networks and network processing.


Application areas of  Final Year Projects For Computer Science:

  • Industrial system.
  • Education applications.
  • Multimedia applications.
  • Numerical analysis and bioinformatics.
  • Health informatics and maintenance.
  • Medical science and process.
  • Automatic control system and alert functions.
  • Informatics and management.
  • Ecommerce and online feedback module.
  • Database management and data mining.

Future scope:

We offer more advanced future based projects on computer science. These projects are focused on visual cryptography, cryptography and artificial intelligence and its development.