Computer science is an engineering department which lets students study about all computer technologies and it is working. It includes a wide area of domains such as medical imaging. Mobile computing and many more projects tests the knowledge and innovation of each final year computer engineering students. A topic sentence should be taken up by the student and with the help of various algorithms and techniques student should prove topic sentence. It also includes many applications, programming language and components.

Basic for computer projects:

Usually computer engineering projects focuses on creation of various applications that are beneficial for any field. To attain this many programming languages and algorithms are used by computer students. This focus is a scientific approach. It also needs configuration of operating system to fulfill user’s needs new architectures are built to make communication among users and applications possible.

Various domains in computer applications:

For attaining reliability, scalability and interoperability computer applications are needed.

Very talented engineering students alone can create android applications for mobiles android based phones are widely used in today’s world due to its long sustaining battery, large memory, pixel range and most importantly its ease of access. Visually challenge people suffer in using android phones because of its touch sensitive method. But this can be changed with addition of certain android applications that makes possible voice recognition.


Efficiency, scalability and reliability of a system is attained through engineering and automatic science projects. It provides a deep understanding of machines working and operating methods. It also benefits for medical instrumentation and clinical equipments through bio medical engineering projects.

Power consumption, data transfer rate and computer real time applications are possible only through superior minded engineers. Projects on system domain and computer circuits are most sorts after projects to do such projects on a deep knowledge on circuit diagram, system hardware configuration and motherboard configuration. Final year students do projects on cloud computing. These cloud computing projects needs sociological benefits due to their immature status. Projects on machine communication are done through bio informatics, cybernetics and computational biology. Human machine interaction is possible through artificial intelligent applications and robotics applications.

Communication among devices and network nodes need computer applications. Colors and pixel range is recognize for image processing through computer graphics application. It allows the creation of both 3D and 2D images. Mat lab simulation tool is used in image processing projects. It also is capable of creating image classifications projects. These projects attain more accurate results in feature extraction, classification, segmentation and clustering algorithms.

Hardware and software application creation can also act as project topics new applications in software of computing engineering student, in their final year project. There is various communication components present in a computer. By doing projects on hardware components performance speed of a computer can be maximized.

Another promising domain of engineering projects is security. Due to various attack from outside such as hacker and malicious virus security should be established through various algorithms. Usually cryptography and Steganography are methods used for creating security.

Also projects on networking such as wireless networking, parallel networking, wireless sensor networking and distributed networking can be done.

Future of computer science projects:

Many industries such as military, education sectors, IT and mobile phone development are benefited through computer science projects. We offer innovative projects on hospital management system and various digital applications in a high standard way.