Thesis on MANET deals with data transmission, security issues, and service discovery and energy consumption. MANET refers to mobile Adhoc Network. It is a group of mobile nodes in unstructured mannered that moves randomly in network and communication by multihop protocols.

MANET Characteristics:

  • Dynamic Topology.
  • Distributed Control.
  • Constraint resources.

A basic requirement for a network is security. Thesis on MANET takes packet transmission and authentication in routing as a parameter. MANET could work properly in unsecured conditions by developing new protocols based on authentication and security.

Vulnerabilities in MANET:

When compared to wired networks, MANET has more vulnerable problems. They are:

  • Internet Attack.
  • Lack of centralized management.
  • Limited power supply.

Service Discovery in MANET:

MANET, nodes act as

Client requests services, server answers the client. It is the service provider, and a router works as a communication point.

Service discovery are conveyed by,

  • Advertise the service.
  • Request to the service.
  • The matched service must be selected from discovery.
  • Respond to client and invoke service.

In MANET, service discovery approach is of three types:

  • Hybrid architecture.
  • Directory based architecture.
  • Directory less architecture.

Hybrid Architecture: It combines directory based and directory less architectures. The architecture servers register the services or at time wait for client’s request. As MANET has mobility functionality this architecture is suitable.

Directory Based Architecture: It contains mobile node as server, client or service directory. All required service in MANET is stored in service directory.

Directory less Architecture: It has no centralized or directory service control in network. Each node has its own service in this architecture. Service list to any coordinator will not be stored in modes.

Service Routing in MANET:

Service Routing in MANET deals in service discovery and delivery process in MANET. To derive correct service matches of MANET, service discovery routing protocols are used.

Salutation, salutation-lite, jinni, UDDI, service location protocol and UPNP are the protocols used in service discovery. In MANET, group based service is also enabled. For a specific routing service, discovery protocol is used.

MANET Applications:

  • Emergency services.
  • Civil and commercial Applications.
  • Battlefield operations.

MANET Simulation Tools:

The main feature of MANET is mobility due to its high cost and low flexibility. In MANET there are many simulation tools available.

In adhoc, test bed simulation tool is used to enable the experimentation for applications and protocols.

MANET is an advanced wireless technology and used worldwide because of its dynamic nature. Research is carried out in improving the service discovery mechanism to retrieve and store content in network security. Thesis on MANET is developed by our concern for past 9 years. We have completed more than 250+ thesis on MANET to research scholars worldwide. We also offer thesis editing services for scholars who have framed their own thesis on MANET.