Thesis on Image Processing consists  promising topic for research scholars for Interpolations a concept in image processing is used to display reasonable images in many resolutions. Image processing checks the image for unnecessary features and eliminates them in order to minimize the information. An image is processed and adjusted in terms of brightness, contrast and color.Thesis o this topic follows the sequence of paper analysis, problem formulation, algorithm derivation and finally manuscript preparation. Image can be segmented, classified and recognized in a research work.

Application of Thesis on Image Processing:

Areas that can be chosen by research scholars to base their thesis on Image Processing are as follows:

  • Face tracking.
  • Face recognition.
  • Document handling.
  • Human activity recognition.
  • Object recognition.
  • Autonomous vehicles.
  • Drowsiness detection.
  • Traffic monitoring.
  • Biometrics verification and identification.
  • Hand gesture recognition.
  • Target recognition.
  • Signature verification.

Pattern recognition:

There are two kinds of pattern recognition. They are statistical pattern recognition and structural pattern recognition only vectors are taken into account for statistical pattern recognition and they are used to perform tasks. Data in the system is transformed as discrete structure manner for structural recognition system. Students of computer science can make use of this method for graph matching and parsing.


Items in a system are recognized by classification. Learning algorithms are a great aid in this process there are two learning algorithms namely supervised and unsupervised learning. Before hand knowledge is needed in supervised learning classification. In this method first training field is selected then signatures are evaluated and at last images are classified. Posterior knowledge is enough in unsupervised learning. It runs clustering algorithms and then the signatures are evaluated and classified.


Under sampling rates are determined by Nyquist limit this process is called as aliasing. There are two types of aliasing namely spatial and temporal aliasing. Individual images cause problems in spatial aliasing. In temporal aliasing problem occur in image sequences.

Anti aliasing:

T is an vice versa of aliasing. In this limited band signals are formed by pre filters. Blurring is done by low pass filters and trade aliasing.

Edge detection:

The differences of neighborhood pixels are detected by adding image with filters. This process is called as edge detection. It’s primary motive is to derive a line from a specific image . by using higher level computer vision algorithms needed features of images from edge is detected and retrieves edge the contrast of normal image is the edge strength.

Color image processing:

The process of extracting and identifying objects are simplified and performed effectively by this method content based image retrieval is significant application of color image processing.

Future advancement:

In our center we offer project related to satellite progress. ASTER and SAR images play an important role in the progress of satellite based projects.


<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Medical Image Processing projects can be done by students of information technology, electrical and instrumentation, computer science, biomedical engineering and electrical and instrumentation. <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”><em><strong>Projects on medical imaging</strong></em></span> lets get closer details on human organs.<em>Medical imaging Processing Projects</em> is the emerging branch of medicine and technology.</p>
Medical Image Processing Projects
<p style=”text-align: justify;”><a href=”” target=”_blank”>Digital image processing</a> is a processing of scene data to be automatically processed by machine. Digital images are captured from digital cameras and scanners which have some pixel resolution, colors and image quality.Image analysis is a process of solving a problem of extracting information during manipulation of images in Image Processing Projects.</p>
Digital Image Processing Projects
<p style=”text-align: justify;”>Image processing, <strong>computer vision and computer graphics</strong> are the categories of this field. Thesis should follow the <em>sequence of problem formulation, creation of proposed algorithm, implementation and results</em>. The manuscript of thesis should be published in a journal.Geoscience, remote sensing, medical imaging and signal processing are the promising areas of Image Processing thesis.</p>
Image Processing Thesis