Thesis on communication deals with the various types of communication and the challenges faced in the system. Sharing of information or idea among two users is communication. It is the required medium of conveying or transferring our thoughts through a safe communication medium.

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  • Adverse wireless communication.
  • Securing Vehicular communication network.
  • Wi-Fi security.
  • Effective Satellite communication.


In the communication system, satellite is the most emerging technologies. For telecommunication purpose it is designed as, Mobile application, TV and radio broadcasting services, planes, vehicles, ships.

Satellite Communication:

Satellite Communication is used for sending, receiving, and processing microwave signal.Satellite Radio repeater links transmitter and receiver it is also known as transponder. In Orbit of earth, satellite communication system was placed. The operation of satellite is controlled by ground base station.

Advantage of satellite communication:

  • Higher bandwidth is used for data communication.
  • Covers large area.
  • It is very flexible communication among satellite to satellite.


Types of communication satellite:

  • Experimental communication satellite:

For the purpose of testing and evaluating this type of satellite was designed. They are operated for technical experiments.

  • SIRIO (Italy).
  • Joint Canadian –US

Communications technology satellite (CTS or Hermes)

  • APPLE (Ariane Passenger Payload Experiment) satellite of india.
  • Applications technology satellite series (ATS-1, ATS-3, ATS-5 and ATS -6) of NASA.
  • OTS (ESA).
  • LES (US military).
  • JBS, CS (Japan)

International Communication Satellite:

Telecom application as international broadcasting of television they are designed.

  • Pan AM SaT.
  • Mew skies satellites.

Domestic communication satellite System:

To monitor transoceanic and international communications they are used by individual countries.

  • India (INSAT).
  • Japan (BS, CS).
  • Mexico (Morelos).
  • China (Chinasat)
  • Brazil (Brazilsat).
  • USA (SBS, Wester etc).

Regional satellite communication system:

Tele communication and broadcasting services are provided too many regions.

Military Communication satellite:

For tactical communication from remote area this type is used by Army, navy and Air force.

  • NATO (NATO).
  • Sky NET (UK).
  • DSCS (US AF).

Navigational and radio determination:

The first navigational system was launched by the US navy it is transit satellite system. The latitude, longitude and height of the ships are calculated by global positioning system.

Personal communication system:

This type is used for wireless mobile communication. For remote area, better communication is provided. Roaming system in also supported.

  • Asia cellular satellite (ACVS).

Broadband satellite system:

Interactive multimedia, telecommunication, broadband internet access makes use of broadband satellite communication system.

e.g.ORBIT for communication satellites:

Geosynchronous or Geostationary earth orbit (GEO):

In a synchronous way GEO satellite communicates, it is used for monitoring a specified point in earth. They must be placed 36000 Kms above the earth’s surface. In earth’s rotational speed and direction of earth’s motion they satellite must travel.

Low earth orbit (CEO) satellite:

The time taken by LEO satellite to rotate in lower orbit is 95-120 minutes. They are placed 500 – 1500 kms from the surface of the earth. Advanced compression techniques are used for communication.

Medium earth Orbit satellites (MEO):

MEO is place among GEO and CEO satellite range. Huge number of satellite is required, they orbit around 10,000 kms.

Uses of satellite Communication:

  • Global telephone.
  • Weather forecasting.
  • Military satellite.
  • Connecting remote area.
  • Navigation satellite.
  • Radio and television broadcasting.

Thesis on communication deals with innovative technology and algorithm to face communication system issues. Thesis on communication supports indepth knowledge about various communication systems to the researchers.