Software Defined Networking (SDN) is a network that separates the control plane from the data plane and manages the global environments. It has two main components as controller and switches. SDN is an emergent architecture that is active, controllable, cost-effective, and flexible, making it ideal for the high-bandwidth, lively nature of today’s applications. Different types of networks such as home, wireless, cellular, enterprise, data-center, and backbone networks. SDN Research Projects focuses on the applications, use-cases, architectures, deployments, and recent advances of SDN. Let us discuss the substantial notes projects based on SDN.

Trending Top 6 SDN Research Projects

What is meant by SDN?

SDN enables cloud-like computing within a network. It helps the network engineers and administrators to respond quickly to changes in business requirements through a centralized control console that is abstracted from the physical hardware of the network. SDN is a network that helps to control and program the network using software applications. In another form, SDN creates a centralized brain for the network that can communicate and command the rest of the network. SDN networks have many advantages over traditional networks

  • Ease of Network Management
  • Enforcement of Security Policies
  • Centralized Network Provisioning

SDN Research Projects receives more attention from our expert panel team. Due to the mass coverage of SDN, other types of networks can easily integrate into it. SDN can easily be set up for mobile and wireless networks. Here we have listed down some key features of SDN as follows.

Key Features of SDN

The network infrastructure of SDN is more dynamic, programmable, and is capable of controlling the underlying substructure components. SDN has brought with it many benefits, such as 

  • Reduced Costs
  • Better Scalability
  • Flexibility
  • Manageability
  • Fine-grained Control of the Traffic

It happens through programming the network forwarding behavior through the control plane interface using the controller. 

  • High network controller overhead, training cost and fear of town time
  • Possibly low reliability and robustness
  • Potentially difficult to scale
  • Full programmability
  • OpenFlow protocols
  • Limited deployment
  • Obsolete old traditional devices

SDN controller manages the whole flow control to the switches/routers “below” by using southbound APIs and the applications and business logic “above” by using via northbound APIs to deploy intelligent networks.

What is the SDN Controllers?

Two of the most well-known protocols used by SDN Controllers to communicate with the switches/routers are Openflow and OVSDB (open virtual switch database). Opensource SDN controllers

  • Cherry
  • Beacon
  • FlowVisor
  • Ryu
  • OpenContrail
  • Opendaylight
  • Foodlight

OpenFlow is a consistent interface that can communicate with the data plane by the controller. OpenFlow separates control functions from the network devices and maintains the flow table structure on the network devices. SDN standard enables an SDN Controller to leverage proven, traditional protocols, such as OSPF, MPLS, BGP, and IS-IS carried in sdn research projects. The determinations of the SDN controller are noted down.

What is the purpose of the SDN controller?

  • Network Device, Topology, Path Computation, Service Discovery and Other Network or Resource-Centric Services
  • Application based Network Provisioning using conventional protocol
  • Secure Standard TCP for Control and Associated Agents of Network Components
  • Effective Model among Plans, Resources and other Controller Services
  • Modern, RESTful API to support communication between controller and application

To date, many types of controllers are introduced in Software Defined Networking SDN research projects. We updated the latest features for all kinds of controllers and we also know that the purpose of each SDN controller. Through our service i.e. SDN research projects, you can get the assignments by using any type of controller. As it can be select by the compatibility of research ideas in SDN. As for PhD, MS, and other courses, SDN provides a quite nice SDN Research topics. Through this page, you can gain a view of the on-track ideas as follows. 

Top 5 Research Topics for SDN Research Projects

  • Security services
  • Resource management
  • SDN applications in routing
  • Network monitoring
  • Distributed application control

For instance, we have mentioned above the research topic in security services based on SDN research projects. Due to the large-scale environment supported using SDN, the lack of security and privacy is growing consistently. Hence, we provide brief detail about SDN security. Here we have encountered the prime notes on this topic.

 How does SDN improve security?

SDN architecture is executed to improve the network with the provision of security administration, analysis, and a highly responsive feedback system. To produce security-related data, anomaly detection and traffic analysis methodologies need to be installed in the network. Applications are run on the controller to examine and relate the input from the whole network. Based on the investigation from security-related data, new or updated security policies in the form of flow rules are put in place throughout the network. This methodology effectively improves the control of the network and protects against security threats.

To offer a promising potential to transform the current networks, the SDN Research Projects initiative still faces a series of issues. That include,

  • SDN Southbound Communication Channel Threats (for instance: Attacks on flow policies)
  • No traffic encryption takes place between control plane and data plane
  • Unauthorized / Malicious access of application and in some cases it has Weak authentication
  • No Trust policies are made on network which leads to spoofing and man-in-the-middle attacks

As a result of opening out in network size, the user’s arrival rate increases gradually. Thus, it is essential to address all issues in SDN. An attacker can maliciously inject the software that can replicate itself through the different controllers and switches or vehicles. Remote attacks through Bluetooth or cellular communications allow the attacker to take control of a node.

Innovative SDN Research Projects - Guidance from Expert Panel Team

Security Attacks in SDN Research Projects

  • Replay Attack
  • Sybil attack
  • Sinkhole attack
  • Jamming
  • Forgery
  • Distributed DoS
  • Privacy violation
  • On-board tampering
  • Impersonation
  • Malware attack injection
  • Application-based attacks
  • Network topology poisoning
  • Control Plane Resource Consumption
  • Rule Conflicts violating existing security policies

Lightweight Cryptography Algorithms in SDN

Lightweight Cryptography Algorithm is an encryption technique; it structures a slight footprint and low computational complexity. It is aimed at intensifying the applications of cryptography to inhibited devices and its connected international standardization and guidelines compilation are presently underway in SDN research projects. Lightweight Cryptography Algorithms in SDN is divided into two parts, 

  • Symmetric
    • Stream
    • Block cipher
    • Hash function
  • Asymmetric
    • Discrete logarithm
    • RSA
    • Elliptic curve

Machine Learning Algorithms in SDN

Machine learning is a branch of artificial intelligence; It is an algorithm in SDN that automates analytical model building. it is based on the idea that the systems can acquire from data, recognize patterns and make declarations with minimal human intervention. The category of the algorithm is divided into five parts and they are,

  • Supervised learning
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Integration of supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Semi supervised learning
  • Reinforcement learning

To this end, we are sure that you get enough knowledge in this area. All of a sudden you select your topic for your sdn research projects since soon it will become late. As soon as you come up with your area, we learn it and create new in it. So far, we have run through all-new methods and hence select your sector once you see it. Till now we have brought 1K+ SDN based Projects. To this end, your zone is here so that makes a call to discover yours.