We offer these SDN projects to the final year engineering students with all the sincerest effort put upon to make such students’ future brightest certainly. Such Academic projects such as these SDN projects we have provided to the final year engineering students for more than203 projects. Rather the SDN projects themselves we have done so for the sake of the students and their obtainment in their academic career.

SDN is such a software defined network by means of which the network engineers can manage the network services and their functions easily. SDN projects can bring the final year engineering students a vast future. The students up to ECE, CSC and IT can do their final year projects very deftly by means of this SDN network. SDN projects can provide a practical movement in the data center. Via SDN projects, these Engineering students can perceive the practical technologies and multicast conduct. SDN project chiefly contributes in developing scalability parameter in fixed as well as mobile gateways, hampers or opposes the distributed resistance of the attacks in the network, and supplies flexible or yielding services to all kinds of the business users.

Components of SDN Projects:

SDN application: it is such a program used for convey the networking components and is also via SDN controller used for analyze the networking requirements and their conduct. It consists of some abstract view for to monitor the network’s internal working process and takes a quick decision when required and it consists of the logic gates and one or more NBI drivers.

SDN controller: With its ability to give an input to the SDN application, it can translate the needs of SDN to SDN application layer and it consists of one or more NBI agents, SDN control logic, and the CDPI drivers.

SDN control and data plane interface: it is such an interface keeping itself between SDN controller and SDN data path and it can curb or harness all the programming operations, pushing forward the request, and reporting the statistics as well as the event notifications.

SDN north bound interface: An interface between SDN application and SDN controller is named as SDN north bound interface and it can communicate the SDN controller information to SDN application layer for the purpose of controlling and monitoring the networking conduct. It can also measure the height and the length of the networks’ functionality.

SDN data path: This logical network device is used for to expose the network’s information of the content and data processing abilities. Data path consists of the traffic forwarding engines, CDPI agents, as well as the traffic processing functions.

Characteristics of SDN Projects:

Flexibility: SDN can provide such flexible or yielding  services indeed as to all the industrial groups  and it can also provide rather the  services  such as the third party and external cloud services to such industries as  educational, commercial as well as IT industries.

Automation: SDN’s automation property is very much assisting in adding the features additional to the network of SDN and such additional features are as the protection, provision, segmentation, visibility, as well as the workload policies.

Visibility speed: SDN network has indeed a great visibility means and features such as to supply a holistic vision on SDN link rather and these features can make an effective link between the network devices. SDN can give a better response or answer to the request of the resource from the multiple applications.

SDN can process forth by means of two kinds of the planes like the control plane and data plane.  Control plane (CP) can all be performed in CPU and switches and the same plane can process indeed thousands of packets as per seconds. CP can all be performed in protocols routing and the protocols are as OSPF, IS-IS, and BGP, minimum spanning tree, net flow data expert and command line interfaces and such indeed. Data plane can all be performed in the dedicated hardware devices and it can all process even the billions or millions number of instructions per seconds.  The technology of the Data plane is used in the 2nd and 3rd layers, switching applications, classification, over flow and also security access control list mostly.

Drawbacks in traditional network without SDN application:

  • Traditional networks are used rather by the communication industry today and related to the communication industry, there are internet communication, web browsing and media streaming applications.
  • Traditional networks can not at all have these two kinds of planes.  Traditional network applications indirectly represent the application request rather to the network layer and while processing the application request it may take too much of time and it needs much of the multiple human processing steps.
  • Traditional networks don’t provide the dynamic features and that means these networks don’t accept the absolute range of the requirements of the user. Traditional networks don’t give rather better throughput, delay, jitter and delay variation in the wake of the transmission of the data.
  • Non SDN networks don’t provide at any network information and the state of application using such information.  SDN application can monitor promptly the devices of the network and their resource usages.

Services provided by SDN Projects:

  • Elements:SDN can give the information as to the location of the interface and element capabilities as well as their configurations, ports.
  • Utility services:the services rendered are as: monitoring the data path, authentication, authorization as well as auditing of the interfaces.
  • Discovery services:SDN can discover the elements of the network, services, resources and can also do the topology discovery services to the network components.
  • Service for developers:it can provide such a function as in-built to the developer for to ease the debugging, tracking interfaces and ease the updating of the new extensions.
  • Policy services:SDN can also deftly provide the interface, interface future, forwarding as well as the flow action policy to the users of SDN.
  • Routing services:SDN can read RIB routers information, update the route events and add or remove application routes.


Future enhancement: SDN is an application program that can provide very successfully the worthy services to the traditional networking environment and the same SDN application may still need some certain innovative technology from the very efficient future engineers rather as toward providing the multi visibility or multi-hyper vision application in SDN.

SDN Projects provide a certain bright hope, scope and establishment as for the career of the final year engineering students very significantly and we do such further projects means with all the clarification and research as to the journals such as IEEE/ACM/Springer/Science Direct/ Elesvier for the research scholars. We do and we obtain certainly with such projects and all for the students or for the research scholars’ sake.