Project is a research work done by an individual student or collaboration which develops a single notion into an entire research paper which then leads to attaining a result. Engineering department like information technology, ECE, Computer science and electronic engineering are covered for engineering student’s projects tools, hardware’s and domains very for each department. At the pre final year a mini project has to be done IEEE papers offer an array of topics for engineering students. These topics should be choosed and produced into an advanced concept. Due to college preference some students take up real time application project.

Domains for engineering students:

Many domains come under the topics of Projects for Engineering Students These domains cover all departments. Compared to other departments EEE has fewer domains. CS, IT and ECE allows its students to cover a wide domain.

EEE project domains:

There are three categories of EEE project domains. They are power electronics drivers and systems. Mat lab is required to exhibit projects on power systems projects on power electronics covers all the electronic devices and their control and functions which help in obtaining electricity. Converters and motors are the main components of electricity conversion. There are four types of converter, namely AC to AC converter, AC to DC converter, DC to DC converter and DC to AC converter. These projects are hardware based.

ECE project domains:

Simulation and hardware related topics become the hot shot among ECE students. Image processing, signal processing, VLSI, wireless communication, Lab view and communication technology are the domains that falls under projects on simulation tools. Robotics, sensors, smart grid, embedded systems, ZigBee, Display technology and industrial electronics are projects related to hardware simulation tools.

CSE and IT related project domains:

Both information technology and CSE Projects for Engineering Studentss choose the projects on similar domain. Such domains are categorized into two types. They are interaction related projects and communication projects.

Interaction related projects:

Human and machine interaction is made possible by these projects. They involve internet computing, computer applications and computer hardware which develops interaction programs and hardware’s. Projects on ubiquitous computing, multimedia domain and pervasive computing fulfill the student’s wishes to do project on interactive programming virtual keyboard, smelling screen, Visuo Haptic password, virtual mouse and 3D free hand are the application that creates interaction program. Concepts’ of audio and video and augmented reality enhances the project in areas of multimedia and attracts kids and teens. The output result which is an application can be installed and used in android mobiles.

Communication projects:

It includes domains such as mobile computing, wireless communication, and networking and wireless sensor network. These projects require different tools and language.


Distributed system projects:

Languages such as C, C++, dot net, android and java and some simulation tools are part of distributed system projects. Domains of grid computing, Cloud computing, parallel and distributed computing, parallel and distributed system fall under this category of projects.

Specific domains:

  • Data mining.
  • Image processing.
  • Big data.
  • Service computing.

These are named as specific domains. Web services and service computing runs programming package widely chosen topics are image processing and data mining.

Future scope:

Robot manipulation and fuzzy control are the future of engineering. We offer many advance projects on a high level perfection.