Projects for EEE deals with transmission systems and generating power it deals with science and technology department. Projects for EEE are developed in our concern for past 8 years by trained technical panel team. Final year projects for EEE students and research scholars concentrate on design, analysis, development and manufacture of electrical equipments and devices. IEEE projects for EEE paper titles are updated by us every year.

Projects for EEE layout the operation and setup of wireless and internet networks final year projects for EEE are developed by using the following techniques.

  • Vanet.
  • Ad-Hoc.
  • Manet.
  • WI-MAX.
  • WI-FI.
  • WI-ban.


  • An electrical device that converts direct current to alternate current is inverter.
  • Acts as emergency backup power in home.
  • Aircraft system it is used.
  • Electrical devices like radar, lights, radio, motor and other device uses the AC power.

Multilevel inverter: A sinusoidal voltage could be synthesized from several levels of dc voltages in multilevel inverter. Industries make use of multilevel inverter it acts as alternative in high power and medium voltage situations.

Multilevel inverter advantages: Huge popularity is gained by multilevel inverter and widely used in induction motor drive application. For high voltage and high current drive application it is used.

Advantages of multilevel inverter:

  • Switching frequency.
  • Common mode voltage.
  • Reduced harmonic distortion.
  • Input current.

Types of multilevel inverter:

On each component voltage stress is reduced in multilevel inverter.

Topologies of multilevel inverter are of 3 types:

  • Flying capacitor multilevel inverter.
  • Diode clamped multilevel inverter.
  • Cascaded or H-bridge multilevel inverter.

Flying capacitor multilevel inverter:

  • As in diode clamped inverter are switching states.
  • In this type clamping diodes are not needed.
  • Capacitors are used in this type.
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Diode clamped multilevel inverter:

  • Diodes are used; multiple voltage levels are used by various phases to capacitor banks which are in series.
  • Limited amount of voltage is transferred by a node and low down stress on other electrical devices.

Cascaded H-bridge multilevel inverter:

  • H-bridge is stated as combination of switches pair and capacitors.
  • It provides separate input DC voltage for each H-bridge.

Applications of multilevel inverter:

  • High voltage dc transmission.
  • Medium & high voltage motor derives.
  • Active filtering.

Multilevel converter:

Multi level converter consist of 3 topologies

  • Diode clamped converter.
  • Flying capacitor converter.
  • Cascaded converter.

Projects for EEE characteristics:

Law of physics is applied for final year EEE project which governs light, magnetism and electricity and provides benefit to human race.

  • Induction heating.
  • Smart lighting.
  • Lagging VAr compensation.
  • Smart cars.
  • AC motors speed control.
  • Robotic surgery.

Final year projects for EEE categories: IEEE projects for EEE compose of various categories as embedded, robotics, solar, communication, sensor etc. These are

  • Power storage.
  • Unconventional power source.
  • Industrial controls.
  • Distributed systems.
  • Special machines.
  • Electrical machines.
  • Transmission systems.

Applications of projects for EEE:

  • Air conditioning.
  • HVDC power transmission.
  • Electric vehicle drives.
  • DC power source utilization.