Electronics is one of the fields in engineering domain. It deals with analog devices, semiconductor devices and digital devices. We design electronic circuits with passive and active elements of electrical systems. We offer projects for electronics which is useful for final year students in electronic and communication engineering. We carried out electronic projects with simulation domain such as VHDL, networking and verilog. We also implement hardware design based projects for ECE students with electrical and semiconductor components. We provide full support for hardware and source code design of electronics projects. We process and analyze signal based projects with various input signals. We use various testing modules to verify projects in engineering field.

Zener Diode Circuits and Applications:

Zener diode is one of the categories of diode which operate under reverse bias condition. We use zener diode as voltage regulator. Zener diode discovered electrical property but reverse breakdown happens due to quantum tunneling process which produce high electric field strength. Process of occurring reverse breakdown voltage in zener diode called as zener effect. We operate voltage spike systems, surge protectors and random number generators under zener diodes.

Voltage Doublers for Electronics:

Voltage doublers composed of capacitor and diodes which known as simple rectifier. Voltage doublers takes input as AC voltage and produce DC voltage as output. Output DC voltage in voltage double is equal to twice the AC input supplied in system. Various voltage doublers or rectifiers are applied in various applications based on user requirement. Voltage doublers are Dickson charge pump, bridge circuit, Villard circuits, greinacher circuits, switched capacitor circuits which applied in various areas for rectification purpose. Rectification defined as process of converting AC voltage to DC voltage.

Amplifiers in Electronic Systems:

We use amplifiers to create amplification process which increase the signal amplitude. Amplifiers are basic components in electronic systems and various types of amplifiers are available in electronic systems. We apply audio frequency amplifiers to amplify signals in the range of human hearing frequency.  In radio devices, intermediate frequency amplifiers are applied. We amplify and control huge number of voltage signals by intermediate frequency amplifiers. We use RF amplifiers to reduce noise signals in circuit. Radio frequency signals are amplified and produce output without any noise signals.



Wireless Communication:

We use wireless communication such as Wi-Fi, WiMAX, ZigBee and Bluetooth to develop ECE projects. To ensure data transfer or communication access within 100 meters we implement ZigBee based wireless communication. ZigBee is a networking protocol which creates low power radio communication. Features of ZigBee are low power, low cost, multiple topologies and low maintenance. By ZigBee communication, smart wireless relay control and circuits monitoring are designed. For coal monitoring, sensor helmet are designed with ZigBee communications.

LED Based Projects:

More electronics students are doing LED based projects for final year to retrieve desired output. LED referred as Light Emitting Diode which used for illumination and indication process. Various projects such as music tone based dancing LEDs are glow based on sound, rhythmic sound based project to enhance human brain concentration level under LED. We achieve LED flashing based on input musical signal.

Logic Gates and Digital Electronics:

Logic gate is a digital electronic device which composed of two inputs and one output. All logic gates are designed with basic input and output functions. Logic gates are developed and designed by transistors, FET, Metal Oxide Silicon Field Effect Transistor (MOSFET). Microcontroller and microprocessor under logic gates various innovative projects are developed.

Advancement in Electronics:

Currently most engineering projects are designed by using Raspberry Pi microcontroller for communication engineering students. We develop spy robot and surveillance robot to help people in rescue areas are designed using Raspberry Pi microcontroller.