Network Security is the practice of monitoring, examining and defending the unauthorized access over the network. Network Security Topics for Thesis provides the novel strategies to shield any network.  In essence, the network consists of numerous nodes working together for a same cause. Mainly, the attackers seek the network information from the network for protection. When a malicious node or bot master node entered into the network, it is hard to notice and to mitigate it.

Trending Top 6 Research Network Security Topics for Thesis

  • Detection of IoT Botnet
  • Ontology of Insider Threat
  • Network Defense
  • Cybersecurity Algorithm over 5G
  • Network Security in Game theory application
  • IDS and IPS
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Types of Network Security Devices

  • Firewalls
    • It is a network security system that manages and regulates the network traffic based on some protocols. A firewall originates a blockade between the trusted internal network and the internet.
  • Preventative Devices
    • Potential security problems in the networks are identified by preventative devices. For example, penetration testing devices and vulnerability assessment appliances.
  • Passive Devices
    • Annoying traffic is recognized and reported by passive devices. For example, applications are used for intrusion detection system.
  • Active Devices
    • Surplus traffic is blocked by active devices. For example, firewalls, devices that detect the antivirus, and devices which help to filter the content.
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM)
    • All-in-one security device is called as unified threat management. Examples are the firewalls, content filtering, web caching, etc.

Network Security Protocols

A network helps to protect the device from attack caused by the unauthorized network. Network security protocols acts against the network malware, modification of its agendas or the obliteration of significant records. The most important network security topics for thesis are cryptography and subsequent encryption. Let us discuss about the cryptography algorithms features i.e. symmetric versus the asymmetric key systems in network security projects for students. Each algorithm is unique in terms of keys, key exchange, security services offering, speed, and number of keys and purpose of it.

Cryptography algorithms in network security
  • Symmetric
    • Out of band
    • Ensure the confidentiality
    • Grows exponentially as users grow
    • One key is shared between two or more entities
    • Bulk encryption, which means the encrypting files and communication
  • Asymmetric
    • Key encryption and distributing keys
    • Grows linearly as users grow
    • Ensure the confidentiality, authentication and non-repudiation
    • One entity has a public key, and the other entity has a private key
    • Symmetric key is encrypted and sent with message; the key is distributed by in-bound means

Cryptography poses a threat to management and individuals too. It is a network security scheme. Its purpose is to convert the data into cipher data. Thus, it kept in secret and that not reveal without permission. The needs of security are authentication, truthfulness, privacy and so on. Here the types of cryptography in network communication.

Trending Top 6 Network Security Topics for Thesis

Important three types of cryptography

There are three common types of cryptographic functions which are used to encrypt and decrypt information. The crucial features of cryptography types are mentioned below.

  • Secret Key Cryptography – It is used to unlock an interpret data and extract the information by the sender of the data and the receiver of the data by using the same key.
  • Public key cryptography – It uses more than one key for encoding and another set of keys for the decryption it is also known as the asymmetric encryption.
  • Hash Functions – It is used to transform the information mathematically and permanently and it helps to protect it from the unauthorized surveillance.

To tell truth, the current evolution of AI methods like Machine Learning and Deep Learning opens a new way for network security. For added details, have a glance over the below Concepts. Let us discuss the recent research topics in the network security projects using python.

On the whole we have lots of concepts for your research since we look for new things in each work. At this point it is clear that we make you to stand unique network security topics for thesis. Due to this we are aware on the new topics in network security.