A wireless network is a system of devices interconnected through radio waves and commonly linked to a Wireless Access Point (WAP). Network Assignment help service is rendered by our concern appropriate to support any network-based topics. Below we are giving all the critical information for you to write a good network assignment.

What is meant by a Computer Network?

The communication established among devices using radio waves is called a wireless network. When extensive data like installation of OS, backup, and transfer of large videos and images are shared among the users of the network, its bandwidth is reduced significantly. When two devices in a network work on the same frequency, there will be a problem of connectivity. So such devices should be avoided from the target devices. Let us now understand a little more about networks.

What is the importance of a network?

Any network can allow transmitting data in an extended coverage between wireless devices. Understanding the network and components is essential for choose to write an assignment in the network. Knowing all the building blocks of a network assignment help you solve these problems. Following is a note on the main building blocks for a network,

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What are the important building blocks in network?

Networks are classified based on different parameters as follows.

  • Based on network architecture, networks are subdivided into client/server architecture and peer-to-peer architecture.
  • On the basis of the network protocol used, the networks are classified into various types. For instance, Ethernet is the famous LAN protocol.
  • Based on network topology, networks formation can take either ring or star and bus forms.

Whatever be the type of network designed, there are specific usual components for a network. The functions of these components signify their usage. In the next section, we have listed the network components.

What are the network elements?

Essential network components include the following.

  • Sensors for detection purpose
  • Smartphone and other devices
  • Ethernet and network cards
  • Firewalls to maintain the security of the networks. It denies the access when an unknown source requests.
  • Switches to direct the data based on the address.
  • Bridges form the way for the gateway for data to flow to a destination.
  • Routers to establish link between networks by processing the packet data.

These components of networks work on certain established standards that demand proper technical guidance for understanding. We are ready with massive resources and all the practical descriptions you needed to understand these standards and protocols. We have an updated team of writers who are experts in their field of research. At network assignment help, we allow you to choose your expert whom you believe to be suitable writers. Some of the standards and technologies used frequently are described below.

Network Communication Standards and Technologies

These are certain established standards and protocols for the construction of any network.

  • IEEE 802.16: WiMax
  • IEEE 802.15.1: Bluetooth Low Energy
  • IEEE 802.11: Wi-Fi
  • IEEE 802.15.4: ZigBee, LPWAN- 6LoWPAN

With these standards, networks like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, etc. are being established. As we are in the field of networking for quite a long time, we can provide you with the best network assignment help. We have our team of experts who give you customized explanations and updates. Following is the list of research topics in networks by our experts for your reference.

Network Research Topics

The trending research topics in networks include the following

  • Future Cellular Networks
  • Network Security
  • 6G Networks and Services
  • Ad Hoc Networks for Smart cities
  • MAC / Network Layer in Underwater Sensor Networks

We provide all needed research network assignment help in all these above topics. We also motivate you to come up with your own research ideas. We are here to provide you with all the essential resources to write your network assignment. Now let us understand some more about one of the research topics, that is, cellular networks network assignment help.

What is cellular network concept?

Cellular networks are used to transfer data e.g., Multimedia Information, at very high speed. Networks with advanced technologies (5G, and 6G) to support the interruption-free transfer of images and real-time videos. One should know about the existing cellular networks and their characteristics before designing or opting to design a new one

What are the best cellular networks?

The best cellular networks with high speed and increased security are empowering the lives of many people. Such popular cellular networks and their significant characteristics are as follow.

  • 4G is the fully IP-based network that runs on E-UTRAN architecture. Its performance is analyzed and appreciated for using parameters like latency, connectivity etc.
  • 5G networks show 10ms latency 1Gbit/s peak rate, 3GHz spectrum, 5EB/month traffic, 100k connections/square km making it an unavoidable communication network in the present day scenario.
  • 5G works and beyond 5G technology on Multi-RAT connectivity with massive MIMO or analog beamforming with multi-meter wave transmission giving slicing and guaranteed QoS. Its performance measuring parameters show its efficiency. The network can work on 30GHz spectrum with 1M connections/square km and 20Gbits/s peak rate in 50EB/month traffic at less than 1ms latency.
  • 6G is greatly advanced which is based on spectrum unification, spatial signal control and shaping, and network planning. It shows very high efficiency in performance as its latency is less than 100 microseconds, and it can control about 500EB/month traffic. It works on a 300GHz spectrum range with 10M connections per square km with 400 G bits/s peak rate.

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