EEE engineering is a study of electrical and electronic components concerning with computer application. EEE mini projects have the ability to create prominent technology for electronic companies and equipments. These projects also help students in gaining an intense amount of knowledge on data transmission, computer hardware, power electronics and software technologies. Mini projects of EEE’s primary focus are on manufacturing efficient electrical equipments.

EEE projects domain:

Power electronics:

It is a part of study in EEE. It deals with the functions, model, design and control of any non linear electronic components. Solid devices make use of power electronics to control electric power. These solid state devices are nothing but MOSFET, silicon and diode control rectifiers. Mini projects on home appliances make use of power electronics to create electronic traction, UPS services and battery charging services. It can bring out more fast and effective performance, longer life and compact size in electrical components.

Control and monitoring system:

Two different type of work system is monitoring and controlling. Data’s are collected, reported and recorded by monitoring. In the process of controlling all the monitored data are considered for assigning further performance. Some of the tool needed at control system are variance analysis trend projectious, earned value analysis and critical ratio. These projects of monitoring and control system helps in creating mobile applications, Smart home appliances, patient health monitoring and power monitoring system of industrial applications. EEE students make use of mechanical thermost to find out the machines temperature.

Artificial intelligent and neural networks:

It is a prominent field in the industry of electricity. It has many processing units of neurons various sources give input for ANN through which it shows practical methods such as discrete function, vector valued function and real value function. ANN cannot commit any errors like that of robotic application. Artificial neuron which is similar to biological neurons are created to read the input values on the basis of its weight ANN applications are needed to evaluate heat rate performance, image recognition, load forecasting, electrical system security, sensor validation, fault location diagnosis.

Energy saving system:

EEE mini projects prove that presentation of energy is possible through various power saving techniques. Electrical device can minimize industrial work load. At first AC conductor is used in home appliances but due to their over use of power they are replaced by soft starter, It consumes less energy and performs efficiently projects can be done on infra red, microwave sensors, ultrasonic and acoustic to detect noise in a room.

Communication in electrical:

  • Projects on optical networking, information theory, propagation measurement digital communication by EEE students.


It is a significant part of study for students of EEE. It is also a promising field of mini projects that will enhance electrical application. These students can introduce electromagnetic principles to electric bell, computer hardware, induction motor, power circuit, and electric fan and storage appliances.

Future advancement:

More innovative power saving mechanism can be introduced in modern electronic devices such as air conditioning and weather monitoring equipments. We offer all sort of advance electric support to make successful and innovative EEE projects.