Master of business administration is a study of business concepts such as finance, sales, economics, marketing, management and human resource projects on MBA focus to train the students for career in management and business. It also shows the students some business related concepts such as operation management and accounting students of MBA can become entrepreneurs, managers and even leaders. In the two year span of MBA trains students in group discussions, teamwork, social interaction and soft skills.

Types of MBA specializations:

General specializations of MBA include finance and economics. Other than this there are some other specializations such as:

  • Health service management:
  • It is a high paying and rewarding profession.
  • It should have strong finance and marketing background.
  • It trains for middle to upper level management in healthcare. In addition to MBA medical credential is needed.
  • Advancements in treatment equipment, government regulations, computerized diagnostic equipment, health insurance and medicine is needed.

Human resource management:

  • Trains the students to become head of HR department, which includes duties such as hiring, training, recruiting, evaluating and firing employees.

Marketing management:

  • A profession in marketing is guaranteed which includes duties such as writing ad copy, media purchasing, PR firm and working with a creative team.


  • Problems on communication can be solved in office, It will train you to make use of media to transform existing business practices, mange corporate images and reach out to media and clientele.
  • MBA communication graduate have intense growth than MBA finance or marketing graduates.
  • Prepares the students for journalism profession in PR, media or advertising.

Project management:

  • It is much needed in professions like technology, software development, R&D films, construction and architecture.


  • Educated to evaluate the feasibility of business plans.
  • Critical thinking is developed to gain flexibility and innovation in a often changing environment. It is most suited for technology endeavors.

Information technology management:

  • An MBA in information technology will uplift ones career prospects to unimaginable heights.
  • It blends both management skills and technical knowledge.
  • Students with skills in software development, database administration, CIS, IT or programming can attain more skills to enough to manage a team.
  • It enhances ones communication skills to become a strategic business partner.

Total quality management:

  • Quality lead.
  • Quality engineer.
  • Quality control executive.
  • Quality supervisor.

Functions of MBA:

Classes in an MBA program have the following.

  • Management, human resources.
  • Business math and statistics.
  • Ethics, leadership.
  • Economics, sale, marketing, finance.
  • Supply chain management, operations management.

Categories of MBA programs:

Part time MBA:

Classes are healed during weekends or week day evenings.

Two year full time program: colleges and university offer this regular attending program.

Executive MBA’s:

It is offered for already professionals who need to enhance the career status. It can be done as part time.

Accelerated MBA:

10 month duration is needed for completion. It can be done during summer and winter breaks.

Dual MBA:

While doing MBA students can also do another degree.

Online MBA:

It saves time and commuting.

Speciality MBA:

It is a specialized education suited for students who would like to expand their knowledge.

Application of MBA:

  • Work ethic.
  • Interest in business.
  • Open mind.

Benefits of MBA:

  • Developing business expertise.
  • Career advancement.
  • Career change.
  • Starting your own business.
  • Managerial skills.
  • Competitive advantage.
  • Recession proof degree/job security.
  • Business connections and networking.

Future enhancement:

MBA offers a secured job and advanced career. It needs a perfect combination of inherent knowledge and MBA degree. We offer highly standard projects on MBA.