Matlab Image Processing Projects aims to  create many applications under image processing to display results  on graphical field simulation. MATLAB is a significant tool in the field or image processing. Array is the basic data element of Matlab. Projects on Matlab image processing can serve for two fields. Biomedical and medical various graphs namely mesh graph, direction graph, scatter graph, surface graph, radial graph, bar graph, area graph, line graph and volumetric graph are used to display results of matlab image processing projects. Many algorithms are needed for this type of projects.

MATLAB variables:

Many types of variables are involved in this. These variables are just values and names. Stored data are accessed using names.


Loops are reduced by this operation optimization of code are done using vectors, which perform as arguments under matlab image processing projects.

Matrix commands for linear equations:

  • Det- calculates determinant of an array.
  • Inv- calculates inverse of an array.
  • Pinv- calculates pseudo inverse of a matrix.
  • Rank- calculates rank of a matrix.
  • Rref- calculates reduced row echelon form.

Image processing projects:

Signal processing techniques that are used in matlab image processing projects are given below:

  • Neural networks.
  • Independent component analysis.
  • Principal component analysis.
  • Self organizing maps.


A printed image is converted into digitized image file by this method. Through this websites can display GIF images. Every individual pixel of an image is crystal clear to the viewer.

Neural networks:

There are three layers of neural networks namely input layer, output layer and hidden layer. Meaning of an unclear data is obtained by this.

Independent component analysis:

Combination of many unknown latent variables make up ICA data variables hiddent facts like random variables, signals and measurement are identified using this technique to not to loose generality assumption is made that it has both zero mean and mixture variables.

Principal component analysis:

Variation is highlighted by this method. Linear combination helps in the working of principal component analysis.

Self organizing maps:

It is a prominent neural network technique which falls under competitive learning networks. Using this incoming signal pattern is transmitted to two or one dimensional map from arbitrary dimension.


A function of scaling and space is localized by wavelets. It gives enough time frequency representation. It need sub bands LL, LH, HL and HH.

Matlab covers the areas such as image processing, medical imaging,wireless communication, geosciences,computer vision applications, and remote sensing.

Matlab Tool plays a vital role in implementing Image Processing Projects.Signal processing concepts are also utilized in implementing Matlab Image Processing Projects.

Matlab simulation projects supports Technical computing.Simulation plays a key role in research and development.simulation carried using various key algorithm for Matlab Simulation Projects.

Matlab Tool is essential to layout the physical structure of communication links plus information and details related to Matlab based Communication Projects.

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