Information technology abbreviated as IT is a developing field of engineering projects on IT covers area of domains such as multimedia application, telecommunication, grid computing, cloud computing and mobile computing system management, control and monitor and scheduling computer application. Final year IT projects should be worthy enough to let the candidate be placed in multinational companies. These projects are an additional credit and trait to be added in resume. Mini projects on hospital management, school management and internet shopping cart system can be done by pre final year IT students. These projects also make IT students better in many ways.

Mobile application projects in IT departments:

Most promising are of IT is mobile computing and application. It is a challenge to make networking and communication among moving or mobile devices possible. Only researchers and technicians make wireless communication possible among mobile devices. New mobile technologies are created with android. Android is a mobile operating system that needs more improvement to keep up with growing world of technology various mobile applications such as mobile Adhoc projects, vehicular networks and wireless sensor application can be implemented through project.


Software projects for information technology engineering students:

More IT students prefer doing projects on software application development programming language is a separate paper for IT students that make them familiar in the topic. These attained programming skills are useful in creating new applications only with software projects reusability and maintenance can be achieved.

Data mining for information technology students:

Most significant domain of information technology is data mining many issues such as retrieval of data in string are part of data mining concept. Improper learning is another iris’s in data mining which can be solved by IT projects apart from this Hadoop and big data projects are also gaining prominence among IT students. Data’s can be attained in a fast manner through binary tree construction algorithm and clustering.

Networking projects for information technology:

A process which links up two or more system or devices are called as networking. Various types of connections such as GSM, Bluetooth, WI-FI, GPS, networking topology and standards are taken up for project. Networking projects covers domains such as LAN, WAN, MAN, AMN, and wireless network, parallel and distributed network. OPNET, QULANET, NS3, NS2 and OMNET++ are the simulation tools that are needed to do networking related projects.

Communication projects for information technology students:

A wide arena of communication projects are available namely satellite communication, power line communication, wireless communication, mobile communication, cognitive radio communication and fiber optic communication. Advanced project on communication can be done only on cognitive radio communication and satellite communication. It can offer access for effective spectrum usage by both unlicensed and licensed user.

Image processing projects for information technology students:

Successful projects results are obtained through image processing projects. Every single process in image processing needs expert algorithm. feature selection, feature reduction, clustering, segmentation and classification are the sequential process involved in image processing, medical image classification, number plate recognition, iris recognition and pattern recognition are some domains of image processing.

Security related projects for information technology:

Security projects are the high demanded area for IT project. All private information stored in computers and systems are ever at risk of attack from hackers, viruses and intruders. This results in security shortage. This can be solved by QR based encryption algorithm.

Bio medical projects:

Medical imaging, plasma science are the fields which require information technology based projects.

Future projects:

Real time applications for data mining, multimedia application, data base management, military application and mobile phone application has many advantages. We offer projects on future enhancement services for mobile technology, cloud computing and online learning.