IoT is a network of interconnected devices (things) that are connected by means of wireless technologies to exchange data over the internet to some other device or system. IoT Dissertation elucidates the different concepts of IoT comprehensively. As said earlier, data being sensed is collected with the help of several technologies such as short, medium, and long-range technologies, and some is listed below:

Research IoT Dissertation Thesis Topics

Different Communication Technologies in IoT

Short Range Communication technologies in IoT

  • Bluetooth:
    • It operates through UHF waves of 2.402GigaHz to 2.480GigaHz.
    • Is a wireless technology utilized to exchange information among devices over short distance.
  • ZigBee:
    • It is developed for minor projects that require wireless connection.
    • IEEE 802.15.4 standard is a specification of ZigBee.
    • It cast-off to build personal area networks which requires tiny, less power consumption, less data rate, less bandwidth digital radios
    • Near Field Communication:
    • It propose a connection with low speed that can be utilized to bootstrap progressively competent wireless networks
    • It is a transmission protocol to establish communication among two devices with a distance of 4cm.

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Medium Range Communications technologies in IoT

  • WiMax 
    • It affords choices that include manifold physical layer(PHY) and Media Access Control (MAC)control
    • Stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access
    • It is a wireless standard based on IEEE 802.16
  • WiFi:
    • Connection can be made either between wired or wireless devices
    • Uses various of IEEE 802 versions
    • Intended to work flawlessly with Ethernet.

Long Range Communication Technology in IoT

  • LTE Cat NB1
  • Extended Coverage GSM
  • 4G, and 5G
  • Beyond 5G standards.


At the time of pandemic outbreak i.e. COVID-19, medical devices in IoT are applied to detect the main symptoms of the body and trace the origin using collected information such as Geographical Mobile Data, Purchase History, and Contact History formulated as best Iot Project Topics. In addition, some mental disorders such as Depression, Schizophrenia, and Anxiety are the most significant in the healthcare system to craft IoT Dissertation thesis topics.

  • Mental State Assessment (COVID-19)
  • Multimodal Data Preprocessing and Management
  • Contact Tracing, Pandemic Detection and Monitoring
  • Patient Healthcare Monitoring using Wearable Sensors
  • User Personalization for IoT
  • Emotion Aware Affective Computing
  • Privacy, Security and Integrity of Multimodal Data
  • Virtual / Augmented Affective Interface with Mobile IoT
  • Hybrid Human and Machine Intelligence in IoT


IoT datasets perform a significant aspect to improve IoT analytics. It produces additional data and improves the accuracy of Deep Learning algorithms. Homework help in the internet of things understands the needs of students. Thus, we enable our resources for IoT not only with communication technologies but also for data sets as per its domain and characteristics. In fact, it will provide valuable ideas for the users to proceed with their work in IoT dissertation. Specific datasets are stated below and they are used regularly in several IoT projects:

Household power consumption data
  • Control data from Arduino, Node MCU and so on
  • Research Topic in IoT: Smart Grid Data Analysis
Array of Things Locations
  • Data describes devices within particular geographical region
  • Research Topic in IoT: 2D and 3D Localizatio
Beach Water Quality
  • Aqua-sensor data to analyze certain constraints
  • Research Topic in IoT: Underwater Quality Monitoring
Wearable Technology Database
  • Variety of data gathered from smart watches, gadgets, bio-sensors
  • Research Topic in IoT: Smart Remote Health Monitoring
MARTA Hackathon
  • Real-world data collected from various sources
  • Research Topic in IoT: Smart City Analysis

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