Information technology is an engineering department that deals with communication domains such as mobile, data exchange and telecommunication. Students of M.E, B.E, M.Tech and B.Tech can do projects on information technology these projects contribute to both computer and mobile technologies final year projects on IT can provide new tools, programming model and methods for implementing applications of communication. Data communication involves a set of process such as data collection, data analysis, data processing, data transmission, data retrieval and data storing. Data mining, telecommunication, multimedia, networking, data mining and signal processing are other domains of IT.

Data collection:

Every unit of a computer are built in such a way that they can transmit and process any data including CPU, memory, Input and output bandwidth. The basic step is collection of data. In order to fulfill the needs of user cloud computing stores and shares data among users based on user queries data mining collects data. Every feature of a data is analyzed and taken in as input data in image processing. As password or bio metric input is collected in security science and forensics science. Data’s are collected in machine learning applications, bio medicals, plasma science applications and pattern recognition application from any computer source.

Data analysis:

Collected data is analyzed thoroughly of its features in this process. All domains such as computer graphics, multimedia and image processing also undergoes this process any noise or unwanted background effects are extracted out through data analysis process. Input signals also go through this process in all android phone and mobile computing applications. A process known as spectrum analysis is part of radios cognitive network projects which analyses all spectrum and radio signals. Data analyses also takes place in big data, data mining, and Hadoop projects.

Data processing:

It is a preparation mode that prepares data for processing. For data processing certain effective algorithms are needed for they are processed by engineers of IT. Clustering algorithm is needed for bringing together data for data mining application.

Communication medium or path:

Only via a medium for communication data can be sent and received usually networking projects need a path for communication. To make up this path effectively algorithm can be framed through projects by researchers.

Data transmission:

Transmission of data can be interrupted in many ways by intruders, hackers, virus, traffic and low bandwidth in the transmission path. Cryptography is required for creating security algorithms. Diffie- Hellman, AES, DSA and RSA are some of security algorithm. Steganography is a method used in multimedia.

Data retrieval:

Every data mining process is included in all data retrieval a data base is needed for storing user data. Mining algorithm is needed for retrieving user query data from data base. To attain perfect result ECLAT and APRIORI are used in data mining applications. It also needs travel package recommendation, feedback recommendation and service recommendation system for using matching algorithm.

Data storing:

Internal memory and data bases are needed for output data storage. This method of data storing is quiet challenging for students of engineering. This can be simplified through map reducing and Hadoop projects.

Future scope:

Various projects are provided by us in the standards of international scientist’s research magazines such as elsewhere and IEEE. These projects also focus the development of communication based projects.