Embedded system allows large products to be embedded. It is an information processing system. Many hardware interfaces are present in a embedded system. All students of B.E, M.E, B.TECH and M.TECH are eligible for doing projects based on IEEE projects on embedded systems. These projects should be flexible enough to create a certain specified application. Due to the innovative nature of electronic devices they gain prominence over humans. Our embedded system projects fulfill students need and all offers them a complete idea on the topic. Due to the low cost yet high performance of PIC controller IEEE based embedded system projects can make use of it for its development.

Characteristics of embedded system:

  • Embedded system can react real time environment based real events.
  • Size of an embedded system is compact and has less weight.
  • Components in embedded system prevail independent even in a distributed system environment.
  • Only specific tasks are done through embedded system that cannot do any other tasks.
  • Even in harsh environment certain embedded system can word.
  • It makes use of very low power.

Core of embedded system:

Microcontroller and microprocessors are needed in the making of certain embedded systems based applications. Some of the types of core associated with embedded system are.

  • Application specific integrated circuits.
  • Commercial off the shelf components.
  • General purpose and domain specific processors.
  • Programmable logic devices.

Application specific integrated circuits:

It is a microchip that is specially designed for performing certain unique applications. Various functions are present in this single chip that can minimize the cost of system development. It only takes up a small area.

Commercial off the shelf components:

It is abbreviated as COST. It’s components are specially designed for domain specific processor or general purpose. The positive attribute of COST is that it is already available in market. It also can reduce the integration time of system easily.

General purpose and domain specific processor:

Majority of embedded system based projects are designed and developed with controller or processor. Microcontroller or microprocessor or digital signal processor is used in general purpose system. Our processor can be selected on the basis of project needs. Silicon chi is present in microprocessor along with central processing unit. On the other hand microcontroller has an integrated chip with ROM, RAM, CPU, registers and memory.

Programmable logic devices:

Reconfigurable digital circuits are created by using electronic components of PLD. It has no specific function speed, voltage and logic capacity are its features.



Communication buses in embedded system:

  • Onboard communication interface.
  • Peripheral communication interface.

Onboard communication interface:

Onboard communication is the many component that allows communication. And the interface present in this communication becomes onboard communication interface. Buses used in this interface are:

  • Serial peripheral interface (SPI).
  • Parallel interface.
  • Inter integrated circuit (I2C).
  • Universal asynchronous receiver transmitter (UART).

Peripheral communication interface:

Peripheral communication refers to the components that are connected outside of corresponding system. And the interface used in this communication called peripheral communication interface. External interface that are widely used are:

  • RS-485.
  • Universal serial bus (USB).
  • WI-FI.
  • RS-232.
  • IEEE 1394.

Sensors used in embedded system:

In embedded system sensors took up the role of transducer that transfers energy from one format to another. Humidity sensor, orientation sensor, gyro sensor, thermostat and proximity sensor are some of the generally used sensor.

Actuator in embedded system:

Output is indicated through actuator speaker and light emitting diodes (LED) are the generally used actuators.

Future scope:

We offer high standard IEEE paper based projects that can help in reducing the energy consumption of electronic devices.