Do you guys need the best explanation about ECE field and research guidance based on publishing the technical paper? Then, this article will guide you because we have enlisted the step by step processes that are required for the publication process.

Research Issues in ECE Field

         First, we have to know about the list of issues that are occurred in the ECE to write a research paper.

  • Unauthorized access makes lack of security and affects the QoS
  • Poor routing among the nodes in the networking environment
  • Increased rate of unwanted and malicious traffic in communication network
  • Hardware failure issues such as node and device failure in communication network

Apt Solution for Issues

        Following that, our research experts have enlisted the notable solutions for the issues in the ECE field.

  • Role based access control in the efficient manner it improves the security and QoS
  • Prediction entrenched optimized routing in the networking environment
  • Deep reinforcement learning based traffic scheduling
  • Detection of hardware failure using artificial intelligence algorithms

List of Journals for ECE

        Most significantly, we have listed out the notable journals based on ECE to publish the technical paper.

  • Asian journal of communications
  • Wireless networks
  • Personal and ubiquitous computing
  • Cognitive computation
  • International journal of computers communication and control
  • European journal of communication
  • Ad hoc and sensor wireless networks
  • Electronics
  • Journal of internet technology (JIT)
  • Digital communication and networks
  • Journal of high speed networks
  • Wind energy
  • AI communications
  • International journal of sensor network
  • International journal of Information and communication technology
  • IETE circuits devices and systems
  • IET Information security
  • IET communication
  • Transaction on fundamentals of electronics
  • IEEE/ACM transactions on networking

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