It is a paper that has a thesis and a research experiment in backup to prove it. Research paper also includes analysing arguments, citing different sources, combining different studies to prove your point.

Assignment comprehension

            Before start writing the outline of your paper first understand your assignment. This is the first thing you should follow before start writing. You have to collect information from different sources like essays, articles, interviews, books and any other sources.

Choice of Topic

            Based on the provided task or assignment, you have to choose a topic by yourself or you can find it from your surroundings. Use these steps below to select a topic if your mentor has not provided you with one:

  • By conducting Brainstorm
  • Get to know whether the topic you chose have enough information about it or not. Search it online to see the results.
  • Choose a topic in which you have clear understanding so that it will be easy for you to do research on it.
  • Write your topic in the form of a research problem that you are going to address.
  • Do more research on your topic and gather proof to support your statement.
  • Make the thesis.
  • Create a table of keywords that you repeatedly notice related to the topic.

Preform Research

            Doing a research is very much easy as searching for sources online, it is very important to validate the source from which you collect data. Collect the necessary data from scholarly databases, digital encyclopaedias or any other publications which are trustworthy like New York Times or TIME magazine. Don’t trust the sources like Wikipedia, because anyone can edit it. Library is not a better option when you write your paper at last minute, if you are planning to take notes from library at early phase then it might help you.

Write your Thesis

            The thesis statement proves your writing. Thesis statement is the important part of writing the paper. In your research paper thesis statement has the brief introduction of your research then followed by the hook statement which attracts the readers.

Follow this formula to write a hook thesis statement:

“Based on the experiments (argument 1), (argument 2), and (argument 3), it is clear that (statement you will prove).”

It should address about the problem which you are going to talk about in your research paper in not more than one line. To confirm whether your thesis statement is strong enough you can use the questions below to validate it:

  • Whether it is present in introduction?
  • Whether it will be the solution for problem that has been addressed?
  • Whether it can prove single claim?
  • Will other researchers have points to argue about my thesis?
  • Is the solution meaningful?

Outline your Paper

            At this stage you will have two things with you, one is your thesis and the other is which support your research. Each one of them will have their specific way of outlining the papers. The below mentioned is one of the ways that is flat outline, in which outlining the paper can be done:

  • Make table of topic which you are going to discuss
  • Maintain a flow in paper when you are mentioning about topics and their information
  • Mention sources for every topic
  • Search for more information if you are lacking in some area
  • Mention about the thesis on top so that you can always remember you are proving something in your whole paper

The Body or Intro Discussion and Conclusion

            There is no such way which is right or wrong, it depends on you. You can start with writing your introduction then writing the result or conclusion and then moving on to the main part or you can do it in any different method of your own convenient. Some may like to start focusing on the main content first and then elaborating the other parts. The others may like doing it in the reverse way.

Here is a structure which must be followed by you, no matter in which way you do your work:

Introduction – Add the menu list of statement and the hook sentence of your thesis on which you are going to do discussion.

  • Topic introduction
  • Information from background
  • Discuss about the hypothesis or research question
  • Explain about the significance and purpose of the research


            “The main motive of this experiment is to examine about both the pros and cons of the impact of social media on mental health of teenage.”

Body paragraph – It contains main statement, first sentence or may be a sentence for topic which defines about the project. The body paragraph is derived from the menu sentence of the introduction section. The body paragraph has sources to prove or support your argument or topic sentence.

Discussion – In research paper the discussion section includes the analysis and discussion of the result of the investigation. The discussion can be based on already existing literature and it should talk about the result you found in a wide range. The below mentioned are some of the important topics that can be included in the section of discussion:

  • Elaborate about your result
  • Compare your result with the result from existing literature
  • Talk about the suggestions you can give from your result based on the research


            “The study is conducted to explore about the need of awareness among teenagers about the effects on mental health because of prolonged use of social media. Contribution towards social support can be understood by positive interactions and there is a need for intervention strategies because of, prevalence of cyber bullying.”

Conclusion – In this section you have to re frame your thesis introduction and use here. How your introduction starts with an attractive statement likewise you should conclude the paper with a strong statement. Your conclusion should be memorable, which should be remembered.

Cite Sources

            You should give credit to every source from which you have collected information. This section brings difference between any academic paper and the research paper. At the end in your research paper you have to mention about the sources or present a bibliography. Based on your instructors’ advice, choose any format for citing like APA, Chicago, MLA or any other styles.

Proofread Revise and Editing

            After complete writing your paper read it again to check and find any mistake. The mistakes con not only from grammar or spelling which can be found through any tool for word processing, you should read it again and again to check for any mistake in sentence.

Find and Remove Plagiarism

            As you complete doing revise, proofread and editing your research paper you now have to move on to check and remove plagiarism from your paper. To remove plagiarism you can use any plagiarism checker tool and make sure you have zero per cent plagiarism in your paper. Plagiarism can make you face more consequences, so be free of plagiarism.