Here, our research professionals have highlighted the steps that are required to install network simulator.

Step: 1 Download VMware-8.0.6

          As the first process, we have to download the VMware-8.0.6 through the below mentioned link,

Link to Download VMware-8.0.6

Step: 2 Download Ubuntu

          Next, we have to open the link, to download the Ubuntu 18.04 LTS desktop for the provision of options to download Ubuntu desktop.

Step: 3 Install Ubuntu

             The VMware workstation is started through the installation of Ubuntu in VMware player.

Installation of Ubuntu

Step: 4 Installing Ns-3

           The installation of Ns3 includes two significant steps such as downloading ns-allinone-3.25 package through the following link,

Installation of Ns3

           Next, we have to install the ns-3 through the following commands such as,

cd ns-allinone-3.25/ns3.25

./waf configure –enable-examples –enable-tests


             So, the research scholars can join hands with our experts to get succeed in your research career.