As the matter of fact, this article is about the process of simulating the processes based on IoT projects. In general, iFigsim is mainly considered as the portal tool and that is used for the IoT simulation process.

IoT Simulation Process Using iFogSim

        Let’s start this article with the list of IoT simulation process using iFog sim in the following.

  • Distributed resource management in fog assisted IoT environment
  • Optimized task scheduling in fog assisted IoT environment
  • Cluster based resource management process in IoT
  • Multi controller placement process in SDN-IoT
  • Trust based dynamic access control in edge enabled SDN-IoT network

Simulate IoT Project Using iFogSim

         To simulate distributed resource management IoT project using iFogsim, do the following steps,

  • We have to open the project in Net beans
Open Your Project in Net Beans
  • Following that, we have to select the source packages > org.fog.gui.example.
  • Then, right click on under org.fog.gui.example package
  • Choose “Run File” to run the project
Import Physical Topology
  • In the graph menu, we have to select the import physical topology option
Run the Main File
  • In addition, we have to import the “network topology” file which is created already in the name of “Archi” used as to import the project
Select the Already Created Network Topology File
  • Acquire the successfully imported topology
Select the Already Created Network Topology File
  • Click choose to view the implementation
Simulate the IoT Project

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