Our technical experts are providing highlights about the pertinent and required stages to download Contiki OS as the guidance for the research scholars to acquire a lot about the process of Contiki functionalities.

Step: 1 Download Contiki OS

           As the initial process, we have to download the Contiki OS through the deployment of the below mentioned URL,


Link to Download Contiki OS

Step: 2 Unzip Instant Contiki – 3.0 Packages

        While typing the below mentioned commands in the command prompt, we can easily unzip the instant Contiki – 3.0 packages that are downloaded already and the command is highlighted below.

unzip InstantContiki3.0.zip

Unzipping Contiki Package

            While downloading Contiki OS by your own, the research scholars may face the occurrence of mistake in the initial stage. As a consequence, we are here to solve all such issues and execute your research requests with the guidance of our experts. So, reach us and avail a lot.