Dependability is the capability to provide fault free and trusted service whereas dependability of a system is the ability to handle the service faults that occur frequently. Dependable secure computing affecting factors and emerging research ideas are effectively explained in this Homework help in dependable secure computing.

What are the important attributes in dependable secure computing?

  Dependability and security of a system is defined by five prime factors which are as,

  • Integrity: Protect the system from intolerable modifications
  • Availability: Accessibility of proper service
  • Reliability: Uninterrupted delivery of service
  • Safety:  Absence of destructive outcome from the user and environment
  • Resilience: potentiality to handle modifications and repairs

These above said features can be achieved by detecting and removing failures of the system. Throughout the world large number of people suffered by system failures because it creates widespread effects. There is an information loss if the system is undependable and also it requires high cost overhead to recover the failure.

3 Important Threats in Dependable and Secure Computing

            There are 3 main threats which directly affect the dependability and security of systems that are presented below,

  • Faults: failure to perform the defined function or task
  • Errors: Deviation between actual and expected outcome of the external state
  • Failures: Transformation of proper service to improper service

Research Methods in Dependable and Secure Computing

 There are 5 important methods which is used regularly to handle the above said threads are listed here,

  • Fault projection: predict the circumstances of failure as early as possible
  • Fault avoidance: Force the rules and regulations to avoid the fault
  • Fault tolerance: Build the system to handle the expected faults
  • Fault removal:  Bring down the number and severity of faults
  • Fault forecasting:  Evaluate the occurrences of present and future faults

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   Dependability and security are on the same path but the difference is that the security is mainly focused to protection and provides confidentiality whereas in dependability is compromised with restrictions. Therefore in this homework help in dependable secure computing list the attributes related security also.

What is the important security attributes?

   There are five primary security attributes which are noted below,

  • Confidentiality : Prevent the reading of protected data from unauthorized  users
  • Integrity : Prevent the modification of protected data from unauthorized  users
  • Authenticity: Verify the authentication of users before claim


   Some datasets and compilers related to dependable secure computing are presented below. Due to the rapid expansion of Internet of Things, there is vulnerability arise in bare metal embedded systems. Therefore here we provide description of the two compilers that deal with homework help in dependable secure computing software.

Automatic Compartments for Embedded Systems (ACES)

  • LLVM based compiler handles the inter components on bare metal embedded systems
  • Constructs an instrument binary to distinct the compartments and memory overhead at runtime
  • Secured room for not designed (off-the-shelf) embedded software
  • Detection of vulnerability occurs in memory usage


  • Privilege overlaying adopted embedded compiler to identify the privileged executions
  • Determine the  integrity of code and hijacking in control flows
  • Find Leakage-resilient layout on mobile devices

The list of datasets for dependable and secure computing is following,

OmniDroid dataset

  • It consists of a set of static and dynamic features fetched from Android benign and malicious samples.

NSL-KDD Dataset

  • It is used for Intrusion Detection Purpose consists of various attack features.

 Each security system is different in nature and the types of attacks and attack durations are also different based on their services. Hence, dataset must be sufficient and good for detecting the attacks. In this case, dataset that suited for one scenario is not suited for another scenario. Hence, making it will reduce the own intrusion dataset helps to suited for customized scenarios. In this case, we can pick any PCAP file and also make the labeled dataset in CSV.

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