Final Year Projects for Electronics and Communication Engineering Students.

ECE is an engineering study that focuses on electronic communication engineering. We offer ECE final year projects with various domains available in ECE field. We support ECE students to develop final year projects in VLSI, FPGA, GSM, communication and ARM. ECE students have great opportunity to do projects in either software or hardware field. We design software projects with various simulation tools and models. Hardware projects are designed using hardware such as FET, capacitor, Resistor, Gates and transistors. To implement Final Year projects for ECE Department, We support and Guide ECE students do their projects with integration of hardware and software. Engineering students are well trained in the aspect of professional as well as practical knowledge by means of their final year projects.  These projects shape the mind of students and make them eligible for career. Many precious application based projects are provided by ECE students. Most chosen topics of engineering are embedded system, microcontroller, mobile and wireless, telecommunication and VLSI and radiofrequency projects.

We specially design labview based projects for ECE students. Labview application designed with front panel, block diagram, icon and connector pane. Front panel labview used to create interface among various application of corresponding process. We use block diagram to produce graphical design of each source node and specifications.

LabVIEW Projects.

VLSI expanded as Very Large Scale Integration. Many innovative ideas can be framed through a wide range of design framed by VLSI projects with best support.

VLSI Projects

Very high integrated speed circuit hardware description language. Various technologies, electronics and communication applications are supported by this language. It is a HDL language that describes electronic circuits. It is a widely used hardware description language. COM java writing syntax was used by verilog to specify hardware circuit. To design the circuit types finite state machines are used.

VHDL Projects

FPGA stands for Field Programmable Gate Array composed of large number of chips designed with inbuilt functions. We adopt FPGS technology to support ECE students to complete their final year projects. FPGA support various network model performance analyses. By FPGA tool kit, analog and digital, memory utilization based application projects are developed based on IEEE papers.

FPGA Projects

Embedded systems contains a mixture of hardware and software application in a computer network system.Embedded Projects plays a vital role in R&D.

Embedded systems projects

Sample ARM projects LCD’s smart graphics, vehicle tracking, hospital enquiry system and smart card based bank security.Advanced Risk Machine(ARM).

ARM Projects

Microcontroller contains memory, CPU, timers, I/O ports and peripheral units in a single chip.We support 8051 Microcontroller Projects for Students.

Microcontroller Projects

ZigBee is a wireless PAN technology that contains low bit rate and low power. Zigbee Projects plays a vital role in Wireless automation Technology.

Zigbee Projects
Digital signal processing is designed with various architectures such as Harvard and von neuman Architecture. DSP processor contain multiply, add and accumulator unit to perform mathematical operations. We design DSP programs with assembly language. We introduce pipelining process in DSP to simultaneously execute more number of instructions for certain process .Signal Processing Projects

Radio frequency identification contains three parts reader, tag and antenna. Controller or processor based kit are developed for RFID reader based projects. Current status of the system is displayed through LCD display. Through this a clear idea about interfacing system with controller is obtained by students. A unique identification number is present in each RFID tag.

RFID Projects
Android operating system is required for all mobile applications based projects. These projects require general packet radio system, global positioning system for mobile communication. 2G communication model is needed for developing GSM based projects. Mobile applications are low of cost and give a flexible output.GPS Projects
Projects on both wired and wireless communication can be done by ECE students. Under this comes ZigBee and Bluetooth based communication based projects. Various simulation models are required for doing communication based projects. Ad Hoc networks based projects and wireless sensor based projects are also part of networking based projects.Communication projects