Final year projects for EEE are developed and supported to students and scholars worldwide. EEE covers the storage, generation and use of power. In our daily life electrical and electronic engineering plays a great role.Final year projects for EEE paper title are updated from the reputed journal that has high impacted factor such as I EEE, ELSEVIER, SCOPUS, SCIENCE INDEXED, and ACM. Final year projects for EEE are carried out by using the following technologies MANET, Adhoc, VANET, etc.

Final Projects for EEE in power electronics:

  • Power, electronics and control systems are combined in power electronics it deals with rotating and static power equipment for transmission, generation and distribution of electric power.
  • The solid state semiconductor power devices and power conversion circuits to meet desired control objectives are studied under electronics.
  • Control deals on response and staticity characteristics of closed loop systems.
  • The application of solid state power semi conductor device, for conversion and control of electric power defines power electronics.

Power electronics importance:

  • By efficient usage electricity could be saved.
  • Industries require high productivity and quality factor must be improved.
  • Provide environmentally clean source of electric power.

Power electronics applications:

The application of solid state electronics for conversion and control of electric power is power electronics.

  • High voltage direct current systems.
  • Supplies power for telephone exchanges, satellite systems, communication system.
  • Other applications: Industries, aerospace.
  • A wide range of high power product are used in power electronics it includes power supplies, heat controls, electric motor control, light control and vehicle propulsion system.
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Types of power electronics converters:

There are six types of power electronic converter they are:

AC to AC converters:  Cyclo converters, AC voltage regulators.

  • Diode rectifiers.
  • Static switches.

Ac to Dc converters:

  • Phase controlled rectifiers.

DC to AC converters:

DC to DC converters:

  • DC choppers.

Power semiconductor devices:

There are various types of power semiconductor devices they are:

  • Power rating.
  • Constructional feature.
  • Reverse recovery time.
  • In doping process the type of material used.
  • Application wise.
  • Switching characteristics.


Thyristors are four layered silicon semiconductor it has two states

Low input powers are used to control large load currents. It is a non linear device very common in motor control and industrial power thyristors are sub divided as:

MOSFET: Metal oxide silicon field effect transits for (MOSFET) could be tuned ON and OFF by small control signals. Due to excessive power loss there is no linear operation allowed. It is operated in CUT –OFF and SATURATION modes only. They do not operate in latched mode in general power transistors.

Characteristics of MOSFET:

  • Internal dynamic resistance.
  • Low voltage device.
  • Dominant high frequency application.
  • Insulated gate bipolar transistor (IGBT):
  • Combination of MOSFET and BJT characters.
  • Up to 100 KHZ is switching frequency.

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