Engineering is a technical field of study that includes both hardware and software components electrical and electronic engineering deals with hardware technologies. Software programs and studies related to it is dealt in information technology and computer science. All the knowledge gained by students during their four year of study is used in their final year projects. A wide variety of projects in all engineering departments are offered by us. It covers a huge arena of popular technologies and recently trending domains. Embedded system, mobile communication, security systems, networking, robotics, computing, autonomous systems and matlab are some of the projects we offer based on IEEE papers.

Projects based on automation science:

Various industrial machines and systems can be processed and activated automatically by automation science. All automation projects an either be based on software or hardware design. Robotics also is a part of automation science EEE and ECE students make use of microcontroller for implementing robotics project. Artificial intelligence and computational intelligence are two other fields that can create games with automation science. Robotics combined with automation science can make up robots that will lessen human work load.

Projects based on simulation:

Original system can be designed and modeled by simulation. It is needed for checking or identifying output of corresponding system. This process is done with no support from hardware tools. Each and every domain needs different simulation tool to attain the project result. Cloudsim tool is used in cloud computing projects. Simulink tools are used in various EEE projects. Multiple hardware tools are needed in computer aided design.

Projects related to computing domain:

Many problems are solved through projects of computing. Mobile computing, service computing, grid computing, internet computing, and cloud computing are various domains on which IT and CSE students can do projects. A new type of computing namely context aware computing is formed. Applications on this type are created using smart phone devices. By using context functionality location awareness based systems can be formed in a traceable way.

Projects based on media application:

Computer graphics are used for creating multimedia applications. 2D and 3D variations can create gaming applications by using computer graphics. Multicast protocols develop networking of multimedia applications. It can also stream and share video. It is also used for minimizing bandwidth insufficiency. Multimedia applications can also create augmented reality based projects. Children gaming applications are created as well as real time and IEEE based gaming and elearning applications.

Projects based on sensors:

Sensors are used in all robotics and automation science systems. These sensors are needed for detecting objects and movements around it by sensing climatic conditions. ECE and EEE students can do sensor related projects. Applications such as thermistor which is a temperature detecting app can be developed in these projects. Sensoring ultrasonic rays, infrared gas, laser, proximity and humidity can be done. SCADA, data acquisition, fuzzy logic are some advanced level domain that can use embedded system in various software domains.

Projects based on image processing:

It is a developing domain in the field of computer science. It is popular because of its advanced tools and softwares that can simulate outputs. Simulation tools such as matlab, simulink and labview are used in all image processing based projects. Though it is done on software basis and obtains a software output it can be used for hardware components.

Future scope:

Right on trend projects of engineering on satellite communication and location tracking applications can be developed for military and political purposes. Such projects are high demand. We offer such projects in large scale as well as small scale categories.