Face detection is the process of detecting an exact person by their facial features with the available datasets. This is raised because of the security issues aroused while using technology. When Matlab is used in face detection, it has contributed its significant functionalities for the enhancement of the face detection process. This is the article which completely consists of groundbreaking concepts of face detection Matlab with remarkable citations

Face detection is one of the booming technologies that are intended to find the appropriate users by considering images and videos as input. The major idea behind this process is to give access to legitimate users in every phase of technology. 

Even our smart mobile phones are locked with faces. Just imagine, when you are setting your face as your mobile’s lock, the device is pulling you under some process called face image acquisition.

The development of face detection techniques is to replace earlier technical era’s research gaps by accommodating new-fangled datasets, toolboxes, and techniques that are purely based on Matlab. This article is bringing you very interesting face detection Matlab concepts. Our technical crew has initiated this article with the workflow of face detection.

How does face detection using matlab works

How Does Face Detection Using Matlab Work?

  • Step 1: Inputs or Sources
    • Images
    • Videos
  • Step 2: Face Detection
    • Human Machine Interface
    • Image Compression
    • Posture Estimation
    • Face Tracing / Tracking
  • Step 3: Facial Feature Extraction
    • Gaze or Looks Evaluation
    • Facial Feature Tracking
    • Emotional State Detection 
  • Step 4: Classification

The above listed are the major steps involved in detecting human faces in general. In the foremost step, the system is collecting biometrical features as input. Further, it is examining the input to detect pattern recognition by using several approaches. Video and image are the major sources for the face detection process.

A database is maintained with a massive number of human facial images for futuristic investigations. Likewise, they are interpreting with the images to match. The ultimate intention behind this process is to verify and identify appropriate individuals. 

As you know that, every technology is subject to some merits and demerits likewise face detection technology is fronting some of the issues while it has experimented. Yes, we are talking about face detection matlab research issues. Come; let us try to understand them.

Face Detection Research Issues

  • Image Conditions
    • Compression
    • Artifacts / Noises
    • Distortion / Alterations
    • Illumination / Lighting
    • Image Size
  • In-plane Rotations
    • Inner Side Down
  • Image Occlusions
    • Books
    • Frontal Hair
    • Hand
  • Facial Expressions
    • Joy
    • Fear
    • Anger
  • Facial Accessories
    • Spectacles
    • Mustache
    • Beard
  • Out-plane Rotations
    • Upside Downs
    • Frontal Profiles
    • 90 Degree

The above listed are the various attributes manipulating researchers using altering the facial features. Here, the need for tools execution arises. Yes, we strongly suggest you select Matlab as a face detection tool. Now, it is time to know about the various facial attributes used for face detection. Shall we get into that section? Come on let us also learn them.

What are the Face Attributes used for Face Detection?

  • Eyebrow Attributes
    • Eyebrow Right Inner
    • Eyebrow Right Outer
    • Eyebrow Left Inner
    • Eyebrow Left Outer
  • Eye Attributes
    • Eye Right Top
    • Eye Left Top
    • Pupil Left
    • Pupil Right
    • Eye Right Outer
    • Eye Left Outer
    • Eye Right Bottom
    • Eye Left Bottom
    • Eye Right Inner
    • Eye Left Inner
  • Nose Attributes
    • Nose Tip
    • Nose Right Alar Top
    • Nose Left Alar Top
    • Nose Right Alar Out Tip
    • Nose Left Alar Out Tip
  • Mouth Attributes
    • Mouth Right
    • Mouth Left
    • Under Lip Top
    • Upper Lip Top
    • Upper Lip Bottom
    • Under Lip Bottom

You may get wondered! Yes, the system is minutely considering each and every facial corner to offer precise outcomes. For example, we are using smartphones with smart locks, right? Even in that, some manipulation can be done with or without your knowledge. When the device is kept open, someone has the chance to eliminate your features in that same device.

Do you agree or not? Yes, there is a chance. 

So the developers of our concern are suggesting you protect your valuables as much as possible. If you are having any doubts, in that case, you can approach our researchers at any time. Now we can have the section with different types of face detection schemes for the ease of your understanding.

Types of Face Detection Schemes

  • Face Recognition 
    • This is mainly used to detect the facial features even in low illumination (lighting) conditions with various positions & alignments
  • Feature Extraction 
    • Extracts the temporal and spatial features precisely
  • Training & Classification
    • Requires additional techniques for more efficacy

These are the major types of face detection schemes interpreted in the process of human face detection matlab. It is very to get familiar with these concepts. It will help you in the research and project processes. Don’t worry! Make simple your thoughts and learn day by day with our articles. 

Our main objective is to make ease of students understanding for this we are framing each and every article with simplified vocabularies without any compressions. At this time, we would like to introduce the face detection approaches used by many of the top researchers in the world for your reference.

Face Detection Matlab Approaches           

  • 2D Face Detection Approaches
    • Deep Learning Approaches
      • ResNet
      • AlexNet
      • VGG16
    • Local Texture Approaches
      • 1DLBP
      • BSIF
      • LPQ
      • LBP
    • Local Approaches
      • MEGM
      • EBGM
      • EGM
    • Holistic Approaches
      • DWT
      • Principle Component Analysis
      • Linear Discriminant Analysis
  • 3D Face Detection Approaches
    • Free Form Approaches             
      • 3D Local Geometric 
      • Profile / Database Matching
      • Facial Surface Orientation Method
    • Appearance Approaches
      • Oriented Component Analysis
      • Hidden Markov Models
      • Local Feature Analysis
      • Independent Component Analysis

These are the various 2 major and their subsidiary approaches being used in the face detection matlab techniques. If you do want any clarifications in the above-listed areas, you are always welcome to have our piece of knowledge. As you know very well, every technology is tending with the various toolboxes in order to elevate their progressions.

Without toolboxes, technology cannot cope up with the processes. Yes, we are going to let you know some of the essential Matlab-based toolboxes in the face detection processes. In fact, this is one of the important sections of this article, hence we are advising you, people, to pay your kind attention here.

Toolboxes for Face Detection in Matlab

  • INface Toolbox v2.0
    • It is pillared with Matlab scripts & diverse functionalities
    • Widely used for illumination invariant face detection using photometric normalization techniques
  • PhD Face Recognition Toolbox
    • Pretty Helpful Development (PhD) functions in Matlab are having various scripts & functions which is open source
    • It is using face detection algorithms like KFA (Kernel Fisher Analysis), LDA (Linear Discriminant Analysis) & PCA (Principal Component Analysis)
    • It is compatible with function such as phase congruency evaluation, Gabor feature extraction & construction 
    • The evaluation tools used for the constructing curves such as EPC, CMC & DET
    • Permits the learners to work on real databases by demo scripts based on subspace prognosis algorithms & Gabor filters
  • Faces or Objects Detection Toolbox
    • It is using HAAR & local binary patterns for detecting objects or faces
    • Adaboosting or linear support vector machine & multi-scan windows evaluating the trained models for object detection
    • Intended to offer the C based modifiable Matlab interface to users
    • C compiler is essential for implementation especially Linux needs GCC & Windows needs MSVC compilers
    • Setup the compilers before installation and link Mex-files based Blas/Lapack with Intel MKL

The above listed are the major toolboxes used in Matlab for human face detection. In fact, each and every toolbox is using some of the techniques for normalizing the images in an effective manner. 

As we are number one in the technical industry, our technical experts are highly filtered out from the unique skillsets. That kind of developers covered the immediate section by revealing INface toolboxes’ other implemented photometric normalization techniques for your understanding.

  • Non-Local Means
  • Small & Large Scale Features 
  • Triggs & Tan
  • Multi-Scale Weberfaces 
  • Weberfaces 
  • Gradient Faces 
  • Improved Anisotropic Diffusion 
  • Steerable Filters
  • DCT & Histogram
  • Adaptive Non-Local Means
  • Anisotropic Diffusion
  • Isotropic Diffusion
  • Wavelet Denoising
  • Wavelet
  • Homomorphic Filtering
  • Multi & Single Scale Self-Quotient Image
  • Multi & Single Scale-Retinex 

This is how the toolboxes supporting to the face detection systems. In fact, there innumerable tools and techniques are being experimented with by our researchers for improving face detection processes in any of the further optimum ways. At last, we felt that it would be nice to present the prevailing datasets in face detection matlab. Come on let us also a breakthrough that too.

Available Datasets for Face Detection

Disguised Faces in the Wild Dataset

This dataset consists of 1000 impersonalized & complicated (confused) human faces with 11157 images for enhancing face recognition disguise state of the art. It is using 3 types of protocols for verification processes they are, 

  1. “Overall Performance” Protocol -> for evaluating techniques used in the whole dataset
  2. “Impersonation” Protocol -> for evaluating impersonation methods
  3. “Obfuscation” Protocol -> for evaluating disguises
Face Detection Matlab Final Year Projects

Left-Front-Right Dataset

This is widely used to detect faces even with pose in-variations. CASIA-WebFace, CFP & LFW are the 3 standard datasets used in self-constructed datasets for 3 image captures such as right, left, and front. 

It is consist of 542 subjects with their right, left, and the front side of the faces. It is situated and collected in folder formats. The front images in a folder are represented with 50 to 260 frontal images & 10 to 100 face images of both left and right sides are separately represented in a folder.

IARPA Janus Benchmark-C

IJB-B dataset is further improved in the form of IJB-C (IARPA Janus Benchmark-C). It is consists of 11779 complete motion videos with 117542 frames (3 videos per person & 33 frames). In addition, 31334 still images with 10040 non-faces & 21294 faces. 

It is also using 3 standard protocols for enhancing unconstrained facial detection’s state of art as follows, 

  1. End-To-End System ® functionally closed model
  2. 1:N Identification & 1:1 Verification ® for supporting open set & closed set evaluations
  3. Clustering ® for grouping both sets

MegaFace 2 Dataset

           It is the open-source dataset with mega faces. It is consists of 4.7 million images from 672, 000 individuals. In fact, it is sample datasets attempted to train the large scale datasets also proposed for testing huge scale (million) distractors with MegaFace issues.

IARPA Janus Benchmark-B

IJB-A is enhanced and introduced in the form of IJB-B (IARPA Janus Benchmark-B). It is consists of 21798 still images with 10044 non-face & 11754 face images from 1845 persons. In addition, it is also having 7011 videos with 55026 frames. 

It is proposed in the unconstrained environs for face image clustering, detecting & recognizing. This dataset is using access point detection, forensic image searches, and surveillance camera video frame searches.

The above listed are various datasets being used in the face detection techniques to match out the exact person. So far, we’ve come up with every needed concept of face detection Matlab with crystal clear points. There are numerous concepts and innovations in fingerprint recognition, face detection that are presented in our pockets of minds. We are eagerly waiting for your presence in the technical world with your sound success.