Engineering is a field of study that deals with all sorts of technologies. Departments of engineering are electrical, mechanical, auto mobile, instrumentation bio medical, electronics, civil, information technology, computer science and instrumentation. Engineering projects serve as a recollection of all knowledge gained in their four year study. It is also an opportunity for the students to showcase their innovation and brilliance. These final year projects are beneficial for day to day life by introducing innovative home appliances and electronic devices. By doing projects various innovative architecture, techniques and algorithm.

Computer science is an engineering department that allows projects on domains such as computer communication, security, network topology, data structure, data storage, multimedia application, mobile communication and signal processing. VLSI, telecommunication, GPS, GSM, digital data transmission, networking, embedded and micro controller are domains on which engineering students of ECE do their projects.

Overview of electronics and communication related projects:

Micro controller is an essential part in ECE projects. It is nothing but a little electronic chip that is meant for data storing, processing, input and output operations. A bus is used by microcontroller to offer effective communication among input, memory and output devices. Programming languages such as C, C++ and BASICS are used in these projects for creating program coding. Details regarding digital system design, complementary metal oxide semi conductor devices and analyzing the performance of semi conductor devices are collected through very large scale integration based projects. VLSI applications can be done through CAD. Real time system can be well understood through embedded system projects.

Many engineering students base their projects on communication. Usually communication focuses on attaining high speed transmission without any data loss. Other than this it focuses on signal processing, digital to analog convertor, analog to digital convertor, topology construction, energy efficiency algorithm, modulation and demodulation techniques, type of transmitter and network formation. Electronic system is designed by Verilog, a hardware description language. Robotics projects are built up by artificial intelligence. In robotics various human language development, military applications and improving system performance are benefited. Global wireless sensing networks are developed using ZigBee projects.

Computer projects:

Data mining is a promising and prominent domain for computer science engineering. Some of the fundamental concepts in data mining are clustering, mining process, data base, data warehouse and classification. Cloud computing is a communication sharing application. It is an interlink among service providers and users. Cloud computing covers domains such as virtual machine migration, electronic health record and real time task scheduling big data is another topic that links data mining. Time consumption process, data storing process, data repetition, and more memory consumption are some prominent problems in data mining concepts. These are solved through map reduce Hadoop framework. KNN, fuzzy, C-means, k-means, and expectation maximization algorithm are created through data mining projects for clustering process.

Machine learning techniques are provided in a high manner through cybernetics and communication related projects. It is also useful for mobile applications, global communication system, automatic control system and android phone applications. Security projects are implemented through cryptography and Steganography method. To gain simulation result tools such as gridsim, weka, Peersim, and Cloudsim. It also needs languages such as java, .net, C++, and C.


Future of engineering projects:

We tend to implement fourth coming generation of technologies such as 5G, disaster monitoring in android phones and satellite communication.