Electronics is the technology that acts as semi conductor of electrons. Analog and digital circuits are used to voltage and current based operation. ECE students can do many projects based on the field of electronics. We at our center provide final year projects and mini projects on electronics. Various sub domains of electronics are available for projects. For obtaining control over automatic system microprocessor and micro controller are used. Noise in electromagnetic environment is filtered by analog electronics. VLSI system designs are produced through digital electronics.

Electronics signals:

Electronic signals are in a format of current or voltage. On the basis of time depend character each and every voltage signals are changed as various forms such as square wave, digital pulse, DC, linear ramps and sinusoidal (AC). Circuit responses are detected before hand by sinusoidal signals.

RC filter in electronics:

It is an ordinary low pass filter circuit that can be used as inductor and resistor. It can attenuate high frequency signals. It needs both capacitor and resistor. Both is connected through a series of RC filter potential divide rule is needed for RC filter analysis.



RL filters:

It is another kind of low pass filter which uses inductor and resistor in series transfer function of low pass filter is analyzed using voltage divider.

Diode functionality:

It is an electronic equivalent that makes single direction current flow cathode and anodes are its two terminals. Current flow begins in anode and ends at cathode. Diode is also called as peak detector.


LED is expanded as light emitting diode. It is used to emit light on the basis of input functionality. Usually these projects focus on indicating output of corresponding functionality. It uses minimum power but deliver high efficiency due to its semi conductive nature.


It is a non linear device that amplifies various signals. It can control current flow of large quantity with a little amount of energy. There are different types of transistors namely:

Bipolar junction transistor (BJT):

It can either switch on or off current flow to various components of a circuit.

Field effect transistor (FET):

It is needed in integrated electronic circuits.

Unipolar junction transistor (UJT):

It is a semi conductor device which controls only one terminal.

Operational amplifiers:

Analog building blocks are designed by these pre packaged transistor. It is also low in cost but efficient. Its chief purposes are to offset, buffer storage, filter process, sum, and amplify. It has five terminals namely inverting input, negative supply, positive, inverting input and output. It can also be inverting and non inverting for certain projects.

RFID technology:

It is used to control door locking and security system. It has RFID tag, antennas and reader. The reading distance is 3cm to 20m.

Prototypes of electronics projects:

  • Printed circuit board.
  • Bread board.
  • Wire wrapping.
  • Prototype board.

Fields of electronics projects:

  • VLSI design.
  • Networking model.
  • Analog circuits and projects.
  • Embedded system.
  • Communication access.
  • Digital signal processing.
  • Digital systems.

Future trends:

We offer advanced projects on electronics on embedded system, VLSI based simulators, and integrated circuit model.