Electronics is the study of various electronic components and devices used in communication field. Today’s modern life is improved with more electronics gadgets. So most students are provides attention to learn about development of latest technologies. We determine an electronic project ideas for BE and B.Tech students to implement advanced technology based innovative projects. We support electronic students to process their final year projects with home appliances and small industrial applications. All electronic projects are deal with various components such as batteries, resistors, capacitors and transistors. Based on IEEE papers, we carried out electronic projects with VLSI, networking and embedded domain under various simulation tools.

Transducer in Electronics:

Transducer is voltage output devices which change one form of energy to another form. We used transducer to measure flow level, pressure and temperature. Basic types of transducers used in electronic projects are microphones, antennas, loudspeakers and thermometers. To measure mechanical tools force, we use strain gauge as a transducer. In electronics, we categorized transducers as pressure transducers, ultra sound transducers, ultrasonic transducers and piezoelectric transducer.

CMOS Technology:

CMOS stand for Complementary metal oxide Semiconductor Device. CMOS technology is adopted in microprocessors, static RAM, digital circuits and microcontrollers based on Springer Reference papers. In analog circuits we consider MOS technology with image sensors, data converters and transceivers. This technology consumes low static power and reduces noise in electronic circuits. CMOS support Transistor- Transistor Logic (TTL) or MOS logic which mainly used in VLSI chips and VLSI based applications.



Memory Organizations in Electronics:

In electronic components memory is a major component in microcontroller or CPU processor. We store information in memory components which is used to control various electronic projects.  We categorize memory into two parts as internal memory and external memory. Internal memory is referred as storage which accessed within device and sometimes called as default memory. External memory is a memory can be accessed from outside of device. Based on characteristics, memory classified as RAM (Random Access Memory) and ROM (Read Only Memory). Random access memory performs read and write operation whereas read only memory performs only read operations.  RAM categorized into following types:

  • Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) – It retain the stored information in memory as long as power supplied.
  • Dynamic Random Access Memory (Dram) – it hold more number of data based on chip size. DRAM is made up of capacitor and transistor which may be in active or inactive state.

LCD Interfaces in Electronics:

Liquid Crystal Display referred as LCD which is a mixture of state materials such as solid and liquid. We use liquid crystal in LCD displays to produce a visible image. LCD composed of various layers such as polarized panel filters and two electrodes. Most LCD Devices are using active matrix displays. Nowadays two types of LCD displays are available such as alphanumeric display and customized LCD display. Alphanumeric displays are used to view alphabets and numbers in cellular phones, medical instruments and home appliances. Customized LCD displays are used to display symbols, characters, numbers and alphabets in various applications such as games, watches and industrial applications.

Analog to Digital Converter:

In electronic circuits ADC is a major component to get high data acquisition rate. We measure every parameter of sensor and transducer in the form of pressure, light, temperature and sound. To create communication with digital components, we convert analog parameters or values in digital format.  For that conversion in many electronic projects we use ADC which converts output data into series of digital values by signal with precision calculation.

Research on Electronics:

Our team had undergone a research in smart phone based applications.  Most engineering students are interested to do final year projects in security based mobile applications. We support and develop electronics application with android operating system based on android and electronic devices.