Electronics is an engineering study that deals with electronic components and communication model. Final year projects are very important for students both academically and professionally. These projects shape the mind of students and enhance their knowledge. We support a library of topics for electronics students to do their project on. Advanced technology based projects such as android; microcontroller, communication, robotics and networking are offered by us. Both simulation as well as hardware design model based projects is available for electronics students

Bluetooth technology:

It is a wireless communication technology. Both high speed and low powered network are its features serially it supports both reception and transmission. Devices such as laptop, mobiles, tablets, speaker and other electronic devices have inbuilt Bluetooth technology nowadays. It is a prominent topic for electronics students. Bluetooth also helps in controlling robotics ARM.

Solar technology:

It is one of the prominent renewable energy sources. Using solar panels electricity can be obtained from solar energy. It is of low cost functionality solar energy is obtained directly from sun by keeping solar panels on the root. Many home and industrial appliances are powered by this technology. This is another promising area for ECE students.

Communications projects helps in data transmission from one system to an other systems.Communication systems plays a vital role in networking applications.

Communication Projects.

Embedded systems contains a mixture of hardware and software application in a computer network system.Embedded Projects plays a vital role in R&D.

Embedded systems projects

Sample ARM projects LCD’s smart graphics, vehicle tracking, hospital enquiry system and smart card based bank security.Advanced Risk Machine(ARM).

ARM Projects

Microcontroller contains memory, CPU, timers, I/O ports and peripheral units in a single chip.We support 8051 Microcontroller Projects for Students.

Microcontroller Projects

ZigBee is a wireless PAN technology that contains low bit rate and low power. Zigbee Projects plays a vital role in Wireless automation Technology.

Zigbee Projects

Laboratory virtual instrument engineering workbench (LabVIEW) is a graphical innovative system.LabView Projects are carried by our concern with 100% success rate.

LabVIEW Projects.

VLSI expanded as Very Large Scale Integration. Many innovative ideas can be framed through a wide range of design framed by VLSI projects with best support.

VLSI Projects

Verilog language is made use by both researchers and students in research work. Real time applications are possible through VHDL Projects.

VHDL Projects
FPGA design can also implement analog input based augmented reality model. System performance will be measured through digital circuits with digital pulses.FPGA Projects

Robots are highest form of artificial intelligence that are manmade and performs man like activities. Various applications can be developed in Robotics Projects.

Robotics Projects

Hardware as well as software models can make use of signals processing projects. Wavelet transform, frequency and z plane are needed for creating Signal Processing Projects.

Signal Processing Projects
Radio Frequency Identification. Frequency of radio and choice varies according to the application support it becomes a well organized product using concepts of RFID Projects.RFID Projects

Global Positioning System. 3D printing system in medical field and robot control mechanism also need GPS model. Personal location tracker is the future aim of GPS based projects.

GPS Projects
Global system for mobile or group of special mobiles as GSM. In order to perform mobile communication GSM makes use of TDMA concepts using GSM ProjectsGSM Projects


Space and medical technology make use of nanotechnology exclusively. In the field of neuroscience and medicine to nano robots play important role by removing kidney stones, treating cancer and cerebral aneurysm. Tiny atoms and molecules are controlled through nanotechnology and neuro science. It should be light weight with chemical reactivity and higher strength.

3G mobile communication:

It is the third generation wireless communication model. It is needed for maximizing performance and efficiency of mobile wireless networks. It also aids in enhancing greater data speed and capacity of voice data. High technical infrastructure networks, base station and handset devices are present in 3G technology. High speed internet access and also high quality music can be obtained general packet radio system (GPRS) are the core of 3G network.

Hap tic technology:

It is the science of applying sensation to human interaction with computers. It provides high range interaction. It is a sensible technology used in medical applications. Robot arms are also designed through hap tic technology. Its chief concern is on surgical and medical training simulation.

Biometric technology:

It is a valuable technology which automatically identifies or authenticates individual based on behavioral characteristics. To match patterns it needs computer technology recognition of voices, fingers, fingerprints, iris and faces can be carried out through biometric application. Thus it becomes an important part of security related projects. It also saves passwords and protects online password.

Further research:

We offer research based projects on robotics and embedded system. They both are advanced state of existing pool of research topics.