Dotnet projects are preferred by students as it is implemented in a safe environment and efficient results are provided. Dotnet is constructed upon an internet protocol and standards composed of tools and services it acts as a revolutionary platform. Dotnet platform is called as software development kit or an operating system. For web application, managed an unmanaged application new software was developed called Dotnet. Dotnet may be platform independent or fully language. To implement an application to several frameworks is the main goal of dotnet.

Features of Dotnet Projects:

  • Independent language support.
  • Improve reliability.
  • Multiple language integration.
  • Interoperability maintained across web.
  • Ensure component support.

Dotnet elements

  • Product such as visual studio and office, windows.
  • FCL, CLR, ASP and Win forms framework.

Framework of Dotnet Projects: It acts as a foundation to run, deploy web service and develop and Dotnet based applications.

Goals of Framework:

  • Multilanguage support.
  • Reliability and security are improved.
  • Deployment and development are simplified.





Common language Runtime (CLR): CLR is also called as execution engine as it is a core of Net platform. CLR supports and provides service to type system, memory management and to execute MFC, standard C library and JVM.

Framework class library (FCL): Components in FCL are security, XML class, network, windows and web services. FCR is a large class library.

Web services: As independent entity each web service can function and assure cooperation. In XML form data are described.

ASP.Net: Active service technology is asp. Net replacement. Interactive web application can be easily written as normal windows application.

Common language Specification: A collection of rules which specify the features is CLS and is supported in all languages.

Dotnet languages:

VB, C++, C#, J script, J# are the language provided by Microsoft. Third party is APL, scheme, Pascal, COBAL, MC, Eiffel, Perl, python, Oberon, built small talk.

Benefits of Dotnet:

  • Dotnet platform framework such as common language runtime enables XML web service to interoperate source language.
  • Advanced development tools are easily built for debuggers and profiler that targets common language runtime.
  • In system level it enhances better performance for many services as garbage collection, memory management.
  • The available XML service that buy some piece of application other than of everything built which to reduce time and money to develop application.
  • Reusable XML web service can be built by the developer for monolithic application replacement.

Dotnet Major Applications:

  • Implementation of AJAX.
  • Many projects on C#, and C++ are developed as .Net languages are independent.
  • Various web applications are developed.
  • Rapid application Development is provided in MS technologies.

Dotnet further development:

Various language and web services are supported in Dotnet. Under Dotnet many web service applications are developed. Further development in Dotnet projects are done in real time applications