Cyber security is the protective process for the cyber-attacks such as detection, protection and etc. In this process, it protects with the proper measures of network performance and prevents from the data which might be hacked. Generally, all the users can prevent their device from hacking with the help of setting passwords and updating the software of the device. Reach this page for latest cybersecurity research areas; we keep updated this space regularly.

Common Requirements in Cybersecurity

  • System Integrity
  • System Availability
  • Non Repudiation System Monitor
  • Privacy System Isolate
  • Task Authorization

Here, we have listed down the novel research ideas in the cyber security networks which is helpful for the research scholars to precede their further research.

Top 15+ Interesting Cybersecurity Research Areas

Latest CyberSecurity Research Areas

  • RFID Security
  • Biometrics
  • Authorisation Infrastructure
  • Computer Forensics
  • Autonomous Security
  • Social Influence on Social Networks
  • Template Free Encryption
  • Cryptography and Formal Method
  • Secure Event Processing
  • Biometrics Interaction with Cyber Domains
  • Reverse Engineering and Vulnerability Analysis
  • Cloud Computing Security
  • Trust and Federated Identity Management
  • Forensic Applications of Digital Image Processing
  • Data Protection of Digital Image Processing
  • Steganography and Steganalysis

For your ease, our well experienced research professionals have highlighted some research topics in cyber security network with their detailed description.

Top 3 Research Topics in Cyber Security

  • Privacy Preserving
    • Distinctiveness of privacy preserving is helpful to protect the whole privacy details about the user
    • Generally, the details about the identity data have to protected and the identity data should be kept secret
    • Anonymity, blinding and encrypting are essential to preserving the data privacy
  • Malicious Physical Object Detection
    • Fundamentally, the malicious physical object is the destructive threat in the part of data gathering
    • The normal requests can be differentiated from the malicious requests; this is a process to evade the privacy leakage and etc.
    • All such methods are achieved by the authentication process
  • Lightweight Solutions for Security Attacks
    • In such cases, the lightweight solutions for security attacks are essential for the privacy preserving
    • For the protective data transmission, the lightweight security transportation protocols are the basic needs
  • Securing Routing
    • The integrity should be reserved from the routed data using the cryptographic hash algorithms
    • The authentication process done by the effective routing protocols and the data is routed to the receiver correctly

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