Let’s flinch this article “Contiki-ng instllation” with some guidelines to install the Contiki ng along with the guidance of our knowledgeable and experienced research professionals.

Install Basic Libraries

          As the first process, we have to install the fundamental libraries based on Contiki through the execution of the below mentioned commands and it is deployed to install the Contiki packages.

sudo apt install build-essential doxygen git curl wireshark python-serial srecord rlwrap autoconf automake libxmu-dev gcc-msp430 default-jdk ant openjdk-11-jdk

Install Contiki-ng

       Following that, we have to install the Contiki-ng along with Cooja tool through the implementation of commands that are highlighted below in the terminal.

cd /home/research/contiki-ng-develop/tools/cooja

sudo ./gradlew run

Installation of Contiki-ng

         As an end note, our technical professionals provide the assurance that our research professionals are providing the premium research guidance, so make use of it just by contacting us.