Computer Networking Projects For Final Year Students are mainly used for social networking applications like instant messaging, email, video buffering. Computer networking refers to the communication between a PC and its components. Projects on this area may be based on internet and networking. Projects on applications like instant messaging, email, video buffering can be done. Certain protocols are needed to perform application related project. The popular instant chatting app like Skype is developed by IP addressing and network. These projects are mainly used for social networking.

Popular Topics on Computer Networking Projects For Final Year Students

Email Application:

A service which acts as client server network. It serves the clients and their needs. There are two types of email client server

  • Mail transmission server.
  • Mail reception server.

They are different servers as they have different protocols. Transmission servers such as POP 3 and simple mail transfer protocol, spreads mails are sent through SMTP server. Before transfer email should be encoded into SMTP format. Then post office protocol is used to get mail from mailbox. Later mail is accessed through internet message access protocol.

Instant Messaging:

It is a text based messaging that happens via internet between two people. This communication is more effective. More than one person can chat at the same time. LAN is used to create instant messaging. We offer projects on using peer to peer architecture to make instant messaging.



Video Conference:

Video and audio transfer between users is possible by expensive yet comfortable network. Video conference requires more network resources than audio transfer. There are different ways to solve this. Thus many projects are developed based on this such as:

Multicast Gateway:

It has the ability to transfer videos. They are for users who have enough bandwidth but no multicast.


Only single user communication is possible in unicast. It doesn’t need any high bandwidth.

Multicast Style:

It is used to send video to a group of users. IP multicast supporting router and protocols are used in this style.

Video Streaming On Network:

Video streaming requires uninterrupted network and a deadline to deliver. TCP friendly video rate adaptation is the algorithm needed to stream and share videos. Network simulator is used to make these video applications.

Future enhancement:

Distributed system is the future of computer networking, as it provides data for a large number of clients. To get better results in file transfer, cross layer functionality is used in Computer Networking Projects For Final Year Students.