Computer network is the peripheral of system. Both with wired and wireless network computers can be interconnected with other devices. Computer Networking Projects for engineering students based on the development of new technologies by modifying network topology will make the interconnection more efficient. New cross layer and topology can be built with routing protocols.

Application of Computer Networking Projects:

  • Make interaction between other by random web pages.
  • Provides video conference through internet access.
  • Exchange of information such as emails and files.
  • Information sharing by accessing web or internet.
  • Resource sharing between computer peripheral devices.

Computer Network Topologies:

Arrangement of computers to create a network is called topology. Both logical and physical components are considered by topology.

Point To Point Topology:

It has two hosts which can be a computer, routers or server. The devices are connected by a single cable. The host can either be a sender or receiver.

Bus Topology:

A single cable can be used to transmit the devices of bus topology. Problem of system crashing may occur while transmitting multiple data through a single cable. These problems can be overcome through collision detection (CD) Or Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA).

Star Topology:

The hosts are connected to a single central device. This central device is popularly known as hub. So if the hub fails that leads to whole system failure. But the configuration is very simple.

Ring Topology:

As the name suggests the connection is formed in a ring manner. Each host can connect to two other hosts. Direct communication is possible when two adjacent nodes are paired. If a single node fails the whole network in ring fails.

 Mesh Topology:

A single host is liked to multiple topologies. It is created by point to point connection. Full mesh and partially meshes are two types of mesh topology.

Expert support for computer network projects

Expert support for computer network projects

Tree Topology:

Tree topology otherwise known as hierarchical topology can divide the network into many layers. The top most layers become the central layer and it acts as the root of the tree of networks.

Daisy Chain Topology:

Similar to ring topology it forms a linear network. Just like ring network it also creates a single network failure.

Hybrid Topology:

Many topologies form hybrid topology. It combines all the above mentioned topology. Hybrid topology is used to design wide area network.

Future Advancement:

These types of topology can enhance the future of computer networking as they form ad hoc networking to get efficient data transmission.We assist network engineering projects & thesis based on computer networking projects for engineering students.