Computer hardware projects are associated for past 8 years to worldwide research scholars and academic students. The physical parts or components of a computer are components hardware. Computer hardware projects are group of physical elements which form a computer system. Software is the instruction that is saved and run by hardware.

Computer hardware components:

Types of hardware components

  • Output devices.
  • Input devices.
  • Central processing Unit.
  • Peripheral devices.
  • Storage device.

Input devices:

To put data and instructions into a computer input device are used. Input devices are:

  • Light pens.
  • Touch pads.
  • Tracker balls

Output Devices:

To get the result of the process done by a computer output device are used.Speakers, printers, speech synthesizers.

VDU: For outputting information in understandable format the computer screen is used.

Plotter: Used for computer aided design, some units can handle large paper sizes.

Storage Devices: Data’s that are not used to store permanently make use of secondary storage. The data remains safety and is non volatile

  • Data cartridges
  • CD-Rom
  • Floppy drive / disk.
  • Smart cards, hard disk etc.

Central Processing Unit:

CPU is a small chip within the computer. Other parts of computer are controlled. It contains several sections:

  • Main Memory.
  • Control unit.
  • Logic and arithmetic unit.

Peripheral devices

It is not a part of central core of the computer. Additional device general name is peripheral devices.

Categories of Peripheral devices:

  • Storage devices.
  • Output devices.
  • Input devices.

E.g. Mouse, zipdrive, printer, CD – ROM Drive, speakers, and motherboard is the largest part in the computer. The socket on motherboard is expansion slots that allows plug in circuit boards.

Computer hardware in HAS:

HAS is stated as remote or automatic home control of things. An automated home is an interactive and intelligent home allows us to look after other tasks.

  • Ventilation and Air conditioning.
  • Lighting control systems.

Hardware System Requirements:

  • A mobile phone.
  • DTMF module.
  • Motherboards
  • AC device ex. Bulb, fan etc

Computer Hardware projects types:

  • Buses – for wired or wireless communication.
  • Actuators – light, switch and motor to motorize values.
  • Sensors – to detect humidity, temperature, motion or daylight.
  • Controllers – PC or a devoted home automation controller.
  • Interfaces – human to machine (or0 machine to machine interaction.

Computer hardware projects applications:

  • Home entertainment systems.
  • Appliance system.
  • Security system.
  • Control of window and door shutters.

Computer hardware projects benefits

  • Remote control.
  • Cost saving.
  • Highly flexible.
  • Good scalability properties.
  • Independence of location or geographical distance.